Shoes and Glasses to Encourage Recycling

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Many posts about recycling have become the focus of people in many media, especially on social media. However, there are also investments made in Turkey that will help the companies whose initiatives are undersigned gradually.

Alpan Yücealpan is one of those who decide to follow in the footsteps of these investors, after putting all his efforts into the sector. The entrepreneur, who sells shoes and glasses to the world under the name Brand Wardrobe, has made a deal with environmentally friendly brands, bringing a new breath to the sector.

Natural World Eco Friendly

Natural World Eco Friendly, which has been awarded the Made in Green and GOTS certificates, puts its signature on shoes that have become attractive with their elegance and comfort as well as being environmentally friendly. Brand Wardrobe, which continues its sales as a branch of the Spanish-based company, is also one of the supporters of environmentally friendly investments. It is possible to find the products of the company, which produces shoes that fit the needs of even those who have adopted a vegan lifestyle, on the website as well as in sales stores such as Lemur Store, Ayakkabı Dünyası and Vakkorama.

Designs made with recycled materials This brand, which is widely spoken with, uses natural materials such as cotton and rubber in production and prefers vegetable dyes for coloring. Natural World Eco Friendly, which debuted in different models and colors for women, men and children, does not lag behind fashion with its stylish products.


Paraffin glasses “What can be done with recycled materials” constitutes the best examples of the question. Plastic bottles, cork, HDPE bottles, old beverage cans, nylons and natural bamboo are preferred as materials for the glasses designed with perfect lines. Moreover, in addition to producing environmentally friendly and original designs, they donate a certain portion of each product sold to children in need.

This company, which sees nothing as garbage, is creating a revolution in waste reduction. It is possible to find reading glasses as well as sunglasses at Parafina, which has done a job that will inspire many investors. The products of this brand, which has the capacity to determine the fashion of the day with these glasses, are presented to Yücealpan. from the website Also possible to order.


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