Social Responsibility Projects for Animals

social responsibility projects for animals
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located in Turkey to animals There are many social responsibility projects for One of the social responsibility projects organized for animals is the project organized under the name of "Empathy". Empathy is a documentation study created by interviews with psychologists, animal rights volunteers, veterinarians and experts in the field of ecology regarding the problems of stray animals in Turkey and solutions to these problems.

The owner of the project named Empathy is Bilge Kınam. Bilge's “A social responsibility project It is a scientific research and project created in this context for the thesis research of proficiency in art with the name of "graphic design and documentation as

One Container Water Project

Street animalsAnother of the social responsibility projects for It is a project realized under the name of “One Cup of Water”. This project was organized by the Animal Rights Federation in order to prevent stray animals from thirsting on hot summer days. “Water is Life for Every Living Being” It started with the slogan. Within the scope of this project, citizens who are sensitive about stray animals are asked to leave a bowl of water in front of their houses.

a bowl of water

Hundreds of thousands of stray animals are scorched to death longing for a drop of water on hot summer days. Desperate animals are found in the mountains, countryside and wildlife.

Animals scorched by the heat surrender to death in pain because they cannot find a sip of water on the streets of cities that are surrendered to concrete and iron, behind wire cages in municipal nursing homes, pet shops, production farms and zoos.

eat a bowl

If you are a citizen who thinks about stray animals and shows sensitivity towards them, protectionFor k purpose, visit nursing homes, pet shops and zoos and make sure to put a container of water for the animals there if not.

In addition, water troughs can be built for wild animals. Also, do not forget to put a bowl of water in front of the door of your house for your friends living on the streets.


Hachiko Yani Association for the Protection of Animals from Despair and ApathyTo develop the awareness of love for animals in the society, to prevent violations of animal rights and to raise awareness of the public in line with these purposes. Efforts are made to ensure the priority life rights and welfare of all other animals, especially stray animals that are stray.

It is to protect animals that have been or have been removed from their natural lives, to bring these animals back into their natural habitats, to care for animals in need and to ensure that they are treated. Haçiko is an association that aims to attract the attention of the public to these animals and to raise the awareness of the unity between humans and animals, who share the same world with humans.


Hachiko associationIt also owns a vehicle provided by Peugeot automobile company, which makes ring trips in Istanbul and provides 7/24 service when necessary. With this vehicle, food is collected from shopping malls, restaurants and restaurants every other day. These collected foods are delivered to the shelters.

Again, referrals are made to the relevant places in line with the vehicle provided by the Peugeot automobile company, in line with the existing stocks and donations made by animal lovers, in line with emergencies. Thanks to these directions, Bolluca forest, after the earthquake, Van region and similar places are provided with priority and urgent supplies, which are the first need.

Haçiko company also carries out joint ventures with many other companies serving in Turkey. projectthere are . Elephant Paint Many animal shelters were painted in a joint project with

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