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solar panel car
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Transportation with Solar Energy

We can say that solar energy is used in many areas and it meets the different needs of people from this never-ending energy. Since the developments in the world cause the needs of living things to change, it is quite normal for the energy sources used to spread to different areas. The fact that people have endless searches has led to new inventions in terms of eliminating them.

solar powered car

Manufacturers aware of the need for renewable energy solar powered products focused on production.

solar powered car production has also resulted from these needs. Today, there have been different inventions due to reasons such as the strategic importance of other energy sources and oil reserves and the cost in this sector. The fact that transportation is a great need has brought transportation with both a renewable and an endless source of energy.

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With the developments experienced, the circles have grown; In other words, the need for people to go from one place to another has increased considerably. Due to the reasons such as being affordable and being guaranteed with an endless energy, transportation is not possible. solar energy achieved with.

solar car

How Does a Car Work with Solar Energy?

The fact that the car works with solar energy basically means that most of the energy is supplied from the Sun. Although there are differences in the way of working with different materials; Solar powered cars basically work the same way. solar energy A production consisting of solar panels, engine, battery, driver's section is made in order for the cars working with power to store this energy and convert it into motion energy. Solar panels absorb the sun, allowing the energy to be stored for that use. This can be seen as the most important function.

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With the development of technology, this energy is converted into electrical energy much more efficiently. However, since the use of solar energy in transportation is a limited means of transportation, much more efficient panels should be used.

solar powered car Another requirement for its production is the engine. Because this energy must be converted into mechanical energy. There are varieties, but the general purpose; is the conversion of energy into mechanical energy. The presence of a battery can be thought of as the storage of excess energy.

This piece, which can be said to be indispensable; After the energy is absorbed, it also has the feature of giving back the energy to be used in the required areas. The energy is given by the materials in the battery.

panasonic solar car

Different in materials such as lead-acid battery, lithium-ion battery, lithium-polymer battery; but there is a wide variety of batteries with the same function. Thanks to these vehicles, it is possible to capture the energy and convert it into mechanical energy, and then use the car for transportation by a driver. The driver section, on the other hand, has an electronic component in terms of safety as in racing cars. Tools such as speedometer and current measurement are available in this area.

Solar Energy and Transportation in Turkey

Transportation, one of the areas where solar energy is used, is quite new in Turkey. Studies in this field are ongoing and universities are working on the use of energy in this direction.

There are various trials, and the ones that have come to the fore in these trials are Istanbul Technical University It's the car he built. Produced by the ITU team Aruna The car is designed in such a way that the cost of transportation is considerably reduced.


with this car At a speed of 70 kilometers, 5 kilometers for 500 TL road has been provided. solar powered car, can be seen as a very cheap transportation. In addition, with the benefits of solar energy, it is very important to meet a great need such as transportation in this way.

It is a resource that does not cause any strategic use because solar energy does not cause any harm to the nature and does not end in nature and can be used by many countries. For this reason, developments in this field are very important for countries.

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  • Let a friend say this. Minimum how many square meters of monocrystalline panels are required to move a 250 kg gross vehicle at 80 km/h in Konya in order to travel with electricity only.