Starbucks' Paper Cups Will Turn into Furniture in Stores

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Another environmental initiative from Starbucks, which supports sustainable agriculture and aims to create green stores by using wind energy in its stores. Starbucks UK, the furniture company that makes its products from post-user waste pentatonic agreed with.

Starbucks, which plans to reduce its environmental footprint with its innovative store design, will enable the production of furniture from Starbucks waste with this exciting collaboration. In the first phase of the project, it is planned to work on a sustainable redesign of the iconic 'Bean Chair', which is available in stores across the country. The partnership will launch at Pentatonic's store, which will open this September. London Design Festival It's just one of the environmental design projects it will present throughout the year.

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By educating its employees on energy efficiency, Starbucks minimizes waste by recycling and recycling, including paper cups, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) continues to reduce its impact on the environment and invest in this issue in many areas, including leadership in certified green stores.

The “cup collection and recycling bin” produced by recycling used glasses will be available in Pentatonic stores and in all Starbucks stores in the near future. With this initiative, Starbucks takes an innovative and solid step in waste management and collection at source.

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Starbucks EMEA Vice President Design de Ad de Hond said of the project, “This amazing collaboration with Pentatonic shows that by working together, solutions can be found that positively impact the environment. This partnership provides new insights to achieve our goal of green store design, including ways to collect waste and how we can give consumer goods a second life after consumption in our stores. “We are excited about the potential of this project,” he said.

pentatonic, circular economycontinues to demonstrate its ambitious commitment to realization in consumer, design and trend culture.

Introducing itself as a design and material technology pioneer, Pentatonic has reproduced the iconic Starbucks Bean Chair using only plastic waste. The upholstery, cushion, frame and legs of these chairs were once plastic bottles and plastic cups.

The partnership with Pentatonic marks an important step forward in Starbucks' commitment to reducing its environmental impact.

During the London Design Festival, there are also counters and tables made from Starbucks recycled paper cups, and a floor of 1,200 tiles made from plastic cups and coffee lids. The tiles are Pentatonic's revolutionary designs to be showcased at Somerset House at the London Design Festival from September 18-24. At the Trashpresso mobile recycling factory being created.

When the festival is over, the bean chairs on display will find their place in Starbucks stores in central London.

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This movement, initiated by Starbucks, is a frequently mentioned circular economy It is a very good example that will raise awareness in terms of consumers. At the same time, it is a project that will inspire future store designs, pointing out that packaging waste is actually raw material and can be recycled and reused.

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