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Sustainability word meaning; It is defined as protecting people's ability to be permanent, as well as ensuring the continuity of diversity and productivity.

In the global sense, the public's acquaintance with the word and concept of sustainability World Commission on Environment and Development Published in 1987 “Our Shared Future” through the report. Alright; but the definition made in the report published in 1987 what is sustainability?

In the report sustainability The definition of the concept has been made as follows: Humanity is to have the ability to make development sustainable by providing daily needs without compromising the ability of generations who will play an active role in the future of nature.

Contribution of Sustainability to Human Life

All people's lives depend on natural resources. The natural resources on which our lives depend, on the other hand, do not have an infinity feature. At this stage, the importance of sustainability emerges. The importance of sustainability means ensuring sustainability and aiming to create a balance between nature and human. The creation of B balance is something that is in the hands of all people. Alright; But how will people achieve this?

There is only one answer to the sustainability situation that must be provided by people. It is the correct orientation of the choices to be made. It is necessary to know and analyze the technology, climate, environment, energies and natural resources used, and to make planned guidance on the long-term plans and resources to be made. Sustainability should be perceived as a whole.

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It is important to be aware of non-renewable energy sources and to focus on the use of renewable energy sources instead.

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Another Sustainability Concept

Sustainability It is not just a concept related to human life. In addition, the concept of sustainability has an important place in the projects to be carried out. In order for the projects to be successful in the long term, they must be of a sustainable nature. The projects, which have been prepared with their sustainable features, continue to contribute to the field being implemented without encountering a certain time limit.

  1. The preparation process of the project,
  2. The implementation process of the project,
  3. Dissemination or visibility of the project,
  4. Monitoring the project and evaluating the results,
  5. sustainability of the project,
  6. Reporting of project results.

Sustainability also ensures continuity in the activities to be carried out after the termination of the projects that have a beginning and an end. It is very important to evaluate the sustainability activities in the area where the work is planned to be carried out during the preparation process of the project. While applying for grant support for your project, one of the criteria for selecting the project you are applying for is undoubtedly the sustainability of the project.


Outputs such as services, systems and products targeted by the project should be designed in such a way that they are guaranteed after the expiry of the grant support. If this situation is to be explained with an example; It is expected that a project planned in the field of technological transfer to small and medium-sized enterprises will be at a usable and developable level, even after the grant support received is over.

However, in some cases, the sustainability goals envisaged during the preparation of the project may encounter obstacles due to external factors. These obstacles are; The country's current economic situation and political process, socio-cultural changes, global policies and technological developments.

of a project be sustainable For this, you need to determine which activities will continue after the total duration of the project has expired and on what conditions this continuation process depends. After the grant support you have received ends, you need to plan the activities you will carry out in accordance with the project capacity. You need to determine the sustainability targets that will exceed the capacity during the preparation process of the project.

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