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The European Commission decided to approve a European Citizens' Initiative (ICE) called “End the Age of Carnage” on 27 April. In simple terms, it launched a formal petition-gathering (not a simple petition, but a legal action) campaign aimed at removing farms from European CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) subsidies for the livestock industry and directing those funds towards greener and more sustainable alternatives.

Not involving the killing of animals, such as cellular agriculture and the production of plant-based foods. The launch of ECI, which was found to be legally acceptable by the EU as it met all the criteria set by the 2012 Lisbon Agreement, took place on Sunday, 5 June. The date was chosen by the organizing committee to coincide with National Animal Rights Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness of animal rights, celebrated on the first Sunday in June.

The international organization End the Slaughter Age, headed by Italian activist Nicolas Micheletti, aims to collect at least 1 million signatures within a year from the seven member states of the European Union. The Commission has started to take action in this direction. Once this threshold is exceeded, it will actually need to decide whether to implement the initiative and take action and support the decision with clear and comprehensive justifications.

Impact of climate change considered to be much more sustainable as it is becoming more and more dramatic and the livestock industry is among the main catalysts of CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions, preference for diets based mainly on plant-based products It is also expected that fast and clear decisions will be made on the subject.

artificial meat production

Why Artificial Meat Production Matters

The End The Slaughter Age initiative aims to facilitate precisely these ethical, sustainable and healthy alternatives for the benefit of everyone – animals, people and the planet. The head of the organization, Nicolas Micheletti, “Vegetable meat, cultivated meat or artificial meat, It produces over 90 percent less greenhouse gas emissions for the same amount of meat produced and uses fewer resources i.e. land, water etc. requires.” said.

Climate Apocalypse's clock, based on scientific data such as data from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Climate Clock, irreversible, that is, it reminds us that there are only 10 years left to the point that needs to be overcome.

The fact that the average temperature increase is above 1,5 °C compared to the pre-industrial period will bring disastrous results and indescribable suffering for humanity. For all these reasons, even if intensive livestock farming will not be eliminated, more sustainable and ecological food alternatives will need to be increasingly included. Initiatives like End The Slaughter Age are a driving force to shed light on these points.

Citizens of member states of the European Union who wish to become signatories from here can join the campaign.  

Website : End of the Slaughter Age

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