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We've put together air purifiers that help suppress allergies to pets, pollen and dust, and breathe bacteria-free air. You can find the best air purifiers in our content.

Air Purifier Recommendations

You already know it's important to clean your home regularly, but Beyond the surfaces there is one point we often miss, the air. Using an air purifier can help make sure the air you breathe is cleaner, but not all air purifiers have the same features.

That's why we delved into air purifiers with special features such as allergenic air purification, humidification, heating and cooling to find the best air purifiers on the market. However, for answers to the most frequently asked questions about air purifiers, on indoor air quality We consulted the answers of laboratory experts.

For those with seasonal allergies, an air purifier that filters airborne pollutants from inside your home can be a boon. The best air purifier can eliminate pet odors, eliminate virus particles and air pollution can minimize its negative effects – making it attractive for more than just allergies in today's world.

But with countless machines on the market offering various purification methods, it can be difficult to find the best air purifier for your needs. AWould you like a purification device with activated carbon filter? Looking to invest in an ionic air purifier or even a full house filtration system? We are here to answer these questions and help you identify the best air purifier options.

Given the increased focus on air purifiers lately, it's important to consult more detailed white papers from trusted brands. For example; Factors such as whether every air cleaner has an air quality monitor or fresh air delivery rate, how often you need to change the filter, whether it is a washable filter, and the cost of the replacement filter must also be considered.

You can find our list of the 10 best air purifiers below, which we have prepared considering all these components.

Top 10 Air Purifiers

1. Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool Air Purifier

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Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool Air Purifying Fan, which is the most ideal air purification device that you can use in your home for summer and winter months, is a state-of-the-art product with many different functions that are most appreciated by users.

  • They clean. It moisturizes. It cools. All together.

It senses and traps particles that pollute your air. Thanks to Dyson ultraviolet cleaning technology, every droplet in the chamber emits ultraviolet light. In this way, 99.9% of the particles are destroyed. Other particles that pollute your air can settle inside your home. The insulated filtration system captures these particles.

Dry air can cause dehydration. Dyson air purifier humidifier fan automatically It controls and regulates the correct humidity in your air.

  • Captures gases and small particles.

The Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool™ has a 360˚ coated filter system. It captures gases and odors1 thanks to its activated carbon filter, and 99.95% of ultra-fine particles thanks to its glass HEPA filter.

  • It mixes and disperses the air.

Air Multiplier™ technology cools and distributes 320 liters of air every second. It mixes the air and distributes it throughout the room, so you don't have to breathe dry air. It offers a clean and humidified airflow throughout the entire year your device stays on. The biostatic evaporator takes the hot energy from the air and cools it, It provides a fresh air flow in the room.

  • All control at your fingertips

The Dyson Link app helps you monitor and control your air-purifying humidifier. So you can adjust the air quality of your home wherever you are.

  • It senses the pollutants and the humidity level.

Its smart sensors automatically sense the particles and gases flying in the air, and also adjust the ambient temperature and humidity level. It measures and regulates your air quality using the algorithm in the device, and then offers you real-time analysis.

  • Consistent performance

The Dyson Deep cleaning cycle removes limescale deposits throughout your machine's water system. You can activate this feature with a single key, and your device will show you what to do step by step.

  • biostatic evaporator

Biostatic silver wires are woven into the 3D air grille of the evaporator so that ultrafine particles do not spread. In this way, the filtered air is humidified.

  • Up to 36 hours of hydration

Efficient water management and a 5 liter water tank offer you continuous humidification, so you don't have to constantly refill.

????User Comment:
  • We bought it on the recommendation of a doctor for my daughter with allergic asthma. Since we are in the winter season, we have not yet experienced the air blowing feature. We are very happy with the sound as we have to use it at night. (We returned another air purifier for this reason) In automatic mode, when the air quality decreases, it automatically increases its mode. It runs all night, and as soon as we open the door of the room, a fresh air welcomes us. You can feel the clean air to the end, and it is a very successful product in humidification.
  • Due to its high price and performance, while it moisturizes extremely well, it also cleans the air perfectly. The cleaning setting, which is accelerated by the change in the air (smell) of the house when the meal is made, returns the environment to its original state in a short time. If there is any source of unwanted odor, you can tell thanks to it. (Bad odors coming from the chimney, etc.)

2. UFO O2 White Air Purifier

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Affordable air cleaner For those looking for Ufo O2 White Air Purifier A complete price performance product.

Its ultraviolet lamp emits UV rays and eliminates bacteria and many harmful substances in the air. You can spend the summer days more comfortably by attaching a mosquito repellent to the tablet slot of the product.

Thanks to the scent chamber you can see on the back of the model, you can spread the scent you want into the room. Also, the device has dim blue light so you can see it even in dark environments.

????User Comment:
  • I bought this product for cigarette smoke. As a two-pack-a-day smoker in a small room, I had to sit with the window open all the time, and since the weather got cold, I was often sick. It perfectly cleans the air and cigarette smoke. The fan makes noise at the 3rd stage while it is running, but I don't think it matters because it cleans the air perfectly. Other features include tablet place to repel mosquitoes, night light, perfume compartment, UV feature, ionizer, remote control, etc. Those who smoke in rooms in winter conditions should not think about it.
  • While my father continued to smoke, we, as asthmatic residents, bought the product. Even though the door was closed, the cigarette was choking my breath from the other room. I ran the product simultaneously with my father lighting a cigarette, no smell came to me. I think it will take 5-6 hours for my father to completely get rid of the cigarette smell in his room. There is very little plastic smell, it is almost non-existent. The only drawback of the product is that it cleans the air slowly, but on the other hand, if it really draws 55 watts, there is nothing to say about it. On the other hand, there is also the price part. A complete price performance product.

3. Fakir Vigor Plus Ionic Air Purifier LR600

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Vigor Plus, an Ionic Air Purifier with 5 Filtersanalyzes the air of the environment it is in, cleans the air and eliminates unpleasant odors. Attracting attention with its elegant design, Vigor Plus is a unique air cleaner not only with its quality and technology, but also with its elegant design.
Vigor Plus ionic air cleaner offers you unlimited control with its improved control panel. if you wish With the automatic operation option, it can adjust the working speed itself by using odor and dust sensors. Odor and dust sensors analyze the ambient air and warn you. With silent, low, medium and high operating modes, you can clean the air in your living space at any speed.
Thanks to the time setting, your Fakir Vigor Plus air cleaner works as long as you wish and cleans the air during your absence and welcomes you with a clean atmosphere. You can easily use your Fakir Vigor Plus air cleaner in your homes. Vigor Plus cleans the air of 70 m2 indoor space easily and quickly. The use of it in your homes, which are your permanent living spaces, affects your life in a positive way.
????User Comment:
  • You understand how much it works at 2 points. First, when you try to clean the filters, you see how many dust particles it collects. Secondly, when you don't run it for a while, you feel a slight difference in your breathing. Then you realize it works. Let me state this detail. Asthma vs. We do not have such a problem. Maybe it is extra effective for those who have this kind of ailment. I won't say anything to him. The odor sensor is incredibly good. We are making coffee, the device is getting hot. We're spraying disinfectant, it's going crazy. Even if we apply cologne, it takes effect immediately. I'm sure the sensors are good too.
  • The product is very good and definitely worth its money. There is an important point you should pay attention to. Every time you plug in the product, it detects the air quality of the environment for the first two minutes and activates when it falls below this quality that it detects in automatic mode. For this reason, it is very important to make good ambient ventilation before plugging the product in. This is stated in the user manual. I guess users who complain about the product skip this point.
  • On the first day I thought it might be a coincidence, but on the second day I realized that this air cleaner works. I recommend it if you don't want to wake up frequently at night and have a full nose and runny nose in the morning. Ventilate the room well. Close the window and plug the device in but do not operate it. Run it after 2 minutes and it will do its job in auto mode. If you want, open it directly and run it in max mode for 2-3 hours. Before going to bed at night, go to auto mode or the lowest level and go to bed. You will know the difference in the morning. The negative aspects of the device are the label on it. Because it's hard to read. It has a remote. Use it in your room at night instead of in the living room during the day.

4. Daikin MC70L Air Purifier

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The device provides a healthy air environment by eliminating all harmful substances in the air at 6 levels. Device operating at 16 dB sound level, It is a performance product with high ratings from users.

You can use the filter of the model for 2 years without any problems. In addition, the cleaning device, which saves energy by controlling the motor speed, detects bacteria and displays them in 3 different colors. In this way, a more effective cleaning is performed.

????User Comment:
  • We have been using it for 3 weeks and we are very satisfied. We bought it on the recommendation of a pediatrician., Our doctor did not recommend virus and bacteria protection in terms of not being healthy in a very sterile environment. If your criteria is not virus bacteria protection, you can get it without hesitation. My daughter's nose was always stuffy, she woke me up because I couldn't breathe at night, it really affected her from the first day and now she sleeps without a hole. I can call it the flower of my two eyes.
  • We have been using it for 2 months and we are very satisfied. The Daikin air cleaner is a very high-end product; Of course it's not cheap but With its quality and 5 spare filters, it easily meets its cost. We use it in our 40 m2 living room and the air of the living room is always clean. It is definitely recommended if you have allergies or if your living room has an open kitchen or smoking in the living room. It is not even possible to find replacement filters in many other products.

5. Winix Zero Pro Air Purifier

room air purifier



We continue our list of the best air purifiers with Winix Zero Pro. Thanks to its low energy consumption, Winix Zero Pro, which you can run throughout the day, It only spends as much as a light bulb.

The model, which produces 28 dB sound, cleans the air of your home by removing substances such as hair, dandruff and bacteria in its environment. Also, the model You can wash and reuse the 5-stage HEPA filter whenever you want.

????User Comment:
  • It was very good for my allergies, I can say that I started to sleep with my mouth closed at night.
  • We are very satisfied with the price performance product.
  • A necessary product for asthma patients.

 6. Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3H Air Purifier

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Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3H air purifier with real HEPA filter removes smoke, house dust, pets, mold spores, pollen and other small fine particles.

You can use the device remotely when you are not at home by entering the application you will install on your phone.

This air cleaner from Xiaomi also receives positive comments from users.

????User Comment:
  • I bought this product because I smoke in the kitchen. I specifically waited a month to comment. I can say that the product is in the size of a carboy water. It takes up little space. It has 1 levels of volume adjustment. You can operate your hood to understand the loudness. Level 3 is very quiet, no sound in night mode. The 1nd and 2rd level sound is just like the hood sound. I use it in auto mode and it detects the sensor on the second puff of my cigarette and starts working immediately. We had 3 people smoking in the kitchen and there was no gram of smoke. Normally he couldn't see. That's incredible. It takes about 2 minutes to smell. It definitely prevents odor and smoke from going to other rooms. I never turn off the air cleaner. When I woke up in the morning, the kitchen smelled like cigarettes, now it's like it's never been smoked. I didn't notice any difference in my electricity bill in 1 month. When I bought the product, I also bought the green filter and used it with it. The green filter seems to clean faster than the gray filter that comes out of it. I thought I'd use the filter that comes with it in the summer. As you know, we can open windows in summer at least. I say smokers should buy it without hesitation.
  • I am generally satisfied with all Xiaomi products that I use. I bought this air purifier as I have 5 cats at home. I thought it didn't make much difference when I first used it, but At the end of the 3rd day, when I saw the filter and started to wake up in the morning, I realized how useful it was. As explained in other comments, the filter on it is suitable for dust, I did not have a situation where the mode changes and accelerates when there is an odor. Maybe it's different when using other filters. I'm running in auto mode, no sound. It is necessary to raise the mod in order to have a wide effect. It works loud in high mode. You can see the air cleanliness and humidity status on its digital display. It gives the fresh air to the outside from the top. I sometimes go from room to room to minimize dust at home. It is not heavy and can be moved easily. I advise.

7. Delonghi AC100 Air Purifier

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It is very easy to use and affordable air purifier The ionizer feature in the HEPA filter of Delonghi AC100, which is very suitable for those who are in search of it, offers you an excellent air cleaning performance by eliminating dust, pollen and cigarette or exhaust smoke in the air.

This model, which you can control from the LED panel on it, It can easily clean an area of ​​40m2.

????User Comment:
  • Product price performance device. His voice has been complained about, but it turned out to be quieter than I expected. In the first months, I can sleep at night without any discomfort. The light that shows the air quality does its job as 1 out of 5. It is an important feature that the ionizer feature can be turned on or off. This device worked well for me as someone with allergies and asthmatic bronchitis in general. It's a fact that I wake up more comfortably in the morning. I'm getting up in my mind. In short, I recommend it.
  • It is good in terms of the dust it collects, it consists of two filters, hepa and carbon 1 filter and dust 1 filter. The filters fit perfectly into the machine.

8. Electrolux Pure A9 Air Purifier

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It would be a big mistake if we didn't include this model of Electrolux brand, which is highly rated by users, in our list of the best air purifiers. The device, which instantly measures the air quality of your home with PureSense technology, adjusts the cleaning rate without the need for you. In this way, you can clean your room by operating the device while leaving the house. The most important feature of Electrolux Pure A9 You can create the seasonal setting you want with the 360-degree HEPA filter. In addition, this cleaning device works at a low noise level of 17 dB.

????User Comment:
  • I think it is absolutely necessary in a city with polluted air like Istanbul. Compared to other models I think the most important feature is that it provides 360-degree air flow. Many other models I've seen on the market provide only front-to-rear airflow. But Electrolux provides 360 degree airflow which means cleaning the whole room. It has several different speed settings, it also has an automatic mode, it adjusts the cleaning speed according to the pollution of the room, its sound is almost inaudible even at the highest power. It is not possible when the TV or something is on, it is not noticeable, I use it comfortably while sleeping. According to what I learned from customer service, the filter lasts for about 12 year with 1 hours of use a day (although it depends on the pollution of the house) Considering the filter costs, it is a product that stands out compared to other brands.
  • First of all, it is very stylish in design and has a very good feeling in terms of material quality. Having 360-degree airflow played an important role in my choice. Depending on the air condition in the house, automatic fan adjustment or manual fan adjustment can be made. Control can be provided and historical data can be accessed through the Electrolux Wellbeing application. At the highest performance, it reaches 46dB noise level, which is much quieter than air conditioners. I think it's a great product. Everyone is very happy at home.

9. Samsung AX34R3020WW Air Purifier

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The Samsung AX34R3020WW/SK Air Purifier, which you can easily use in any living space, measures the amount of dust and air quality in the environment in real time.

Using a 3-step cleaning system, the device ensures that the air is always clean and eliminates bad odors. The air inlet on the front of the product makes it easy to change the filter.

The washable pre-filter can be used for many years if you clean it regularly. The product, which has a sleep mode in addition to the automatic mode, is in this program. It offers a quiet and smooth airflow. Thanks to the child safety lock, the device prevents random pressing of the buttons on the screen, With its rounded edges, it reduces the impact of the impact in case of impact.

????User Comment:
  • We have been using it since the day we bought it, we are very pleased, it cleans the air in a short time, along with perfume etc. when squeezed or The bad smell turns red. This feature is perfect. It deserves the money it receives. Samsung is a wonder.
  • Very good quality and beautiful. No need to spend that much money on Dyson.

10. SMGOZON Device Air Purifier Mini Portable Ce Approved A5000S

air cleaner


CE Approved Mini Portable Multifunctional SMG Ozone Air Purifier is the only product suitable for domestic use and scientific research.

Especially Those who are looking for an air cleaner for their vehicle, This mini air purifier will come in handy.

The ozone cleaner only needs a few minutes to kill bacteria and viruses, remove bad odors and improve air quality and create a healthier environment to live in.

????User Comment:
  • As a doctor, I was interested in the product because I knew that ozone is both beneficial for human biology and the most natural and effective disinfectant. I bought the product, I hesitated at first, I bought other products on the market, and I was not satisfied at all. But I was very satisfied with this product, and it became indispensable for me to use it as a rechargeable and wireless device, especially for my work. While we have been trying to explain the benefits of ozone for years, I am glad that such a cute product is on the market, I highly recommend it.
  • I bought the product for the interior disinfection of my vehicles. The interior air of both my Passat and Passat cc vehicles has changed. Those who say that they have not seen the benefit are definitely doing something wrong. I highly recommend it charged and quiet. I leave it in the car in the evening and leave in the morning you feel the perfect cleanliness.

How to choose the best air purifier for your home?

How do you install, use and maintain your air purifier?

To get the most out of an air purifier, you need to install it correctly, operate it correctly, and rarely service it. Here is a list of things to do:

Most air purifiers come with filters installed – but also sealed in plastic wrap. There are also users who do not realize that they need to remove the plastic before operating air purifiers, rendering them useless. So turn on your machine and if the filters are really wrapped, unpack and reinstall. HEPA filters should have an arrow or other marking pointing in the right direction.

Where is the air cleaner placed?

The machine cleans and circulates all the air in the room. So the only important thing is not to place it too close to the wall or furniture. entering and exiting the air cleaner 10 cm on each side is recommended to guarantee air flow.

One air purifier per room is best. Air cleaners work best in an adjacent area; For example, if you want to clean the air in both the living room and the bedroom, it's best to buy one cleaner for each room or carry a single cleaner with you.

Like a forest fire nearby In known bad weather conditions, their cleaners were on high for an hour. followed by quiet/moderate We recommend that you run 

Keep doors and windows closed. You should keep doors and windows closed when using an air purifier. A draft or an open door can draw unfiltered air into the room faster than the air cleaner can handle.

The pre-filter of your air cleaner catches large things like pet hair and It should be cleaned monthly. Vacuum, wipe or rinse the pre-filter monthly for optimum performance. Keeping the pre-filter clean helps the HEPA filter work unhindered on fine particles.

Set a calendar reminder to change your air purifier's filters. Air cleaner manufacturers usually recommend annual replacement, but check the manual to be sure; some require less or more frequent replacement. We think it's wisest to follow the manufacturer's advice, but We've found that HEPA filters continue to work almost like new even after a year of continuous use., so if you dare go a few months beyond the stated filter life, it shouldn't be a big deal.

Frequently Asked Questions About Air Purifiers

What do air purifiers do?

The kind of air purifiers we recommend use physical filters to trap tiny particles in your home's air. They can capture almost all airborne mold and fungal spores, smoke, pollen, dust, bacteria and viruses. Many use a second filter containing adsorbent compounds such as activated carbon to capture gases and odors (volatile organic compounds or VOCs).

What does HEPA mean?

HEPA stands for high efficiency particulate air and refers to the fact that HEPA filters allow air to pass with very little resistance while rapidly capturing almost any particulate matter carried by the air. Technology, II. It was developed during World War II and was designed to capture radioactive and other dangerous particles in the laboratories that developed the atomic bomb.

Do air purifiers remove odors?

Air purifiers using activated carbon filters remove odor-causing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). This can be a musty odor or particles of a scented candle or aerosol.

How long does it take for an air purifier to clean a room?

It depends not only on the air cleaner, but also on how big the room is. Measure your floor area and look for a machine that promises to clean the air in a room this size five times an hour. This means that it filters all the air in the room every 12 minutes. Machines sometimes claim to clean large areas, but promise to clean the air only a few times per hour.

Can I leave my air cleaner on all the time?

The device automatically adjusts itself according to the condition of the room with the help of sensors. When it is open all day, it goes into sleep mode after cleaning around. When a pollution is detected again, it starts working again.

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