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Just as microwave ovens came into the kitchen in the 80s, hot air fryers, called air fryers, are the trending item for any kitchen right now. The growth in their popularity suggests there is much more to it than a trend. After all, the best deep fryers can do so much more than make fried food – they can revolutionize the way people cook daily, cutting cooking time in half and making delicious food healthier. In addition, it also reduces your energy costs, which are increasing day by day.

Gas and energy costs have been rising lately, and electricity bills are getting more and more expensive. Of course, turning off the lights, setting your thermostat to an ideal temperature, and taking a shower instead of a bath are some obvious ways to lower your bills, but there are other less obvious applications that can cut your monthly gas and electricity-related bills.

While ovens aren't the biggest energy absorbers in the home, they do swallow natural gas and electricity, especially if you use them frequently and for long periods of time. Air fryers are smaller and more energy efficient than full-size ovens, and adding one to your kitchen can save you time and money if you use it regularly. That's because hot air fryers cook food faster with much less energy than standard ovens.

Also, air fryers do not need preheating.
Note that most hot air fryers also do not require any preheating time, which makes them even more efficient. The average full-size oven takes at least 10 minutes to preheat, but is usually 12 to 15 minutes longer. Preheating requires as much (or more) energy as actual cooking.

In addition, air fryer fryers are environmentally friendly with the use of less oil. While 1 liter of waste oil pollutes 1 million liters of drinking water, airfryer oil-free fryers protect our drinking water and help keep our resources clean.

However, when searching for the best air fryer for you, remember that not all fryers are created equal. We've dug deep and listed them for you to find the best air fryer for every occasion. Here you'll find our picks of the best air fryer.

Due to their unwavering popularity, air fryer models are pumped by almost every kitchen brand you can think of. Air fryer fryers are now available in all shapes and sizes, and some have functions beyond just air frying: There are air fryer microwaves, air fryer toaster ovens, and even air fryer deep fryer-multicooker combinations.

To find the optimum air fryer fit, we've listed a few of the latest models.

What exactly is an air fryer?

An air fryer is a fairly simple cooking machine that uses extremely hot, rapidly circulating air to fast fry food inside a frying basket. Results can be similar to conventional frying, as the food is crispy on the outside and (ideally) moist on the inside, often with little or no oil.

Air fryers heat up fast, cook quickly, and make healthier versions of traditionally greasy fried foods. For example, it can be used to cook skinned chicken thighs, vegetables such as mushrooms, potatoes, peppers, onions and even seafood, namely shrimp and fish fillets. Because the air fryer fryer basket is generally non-stick, cleaning is usually as simple as wiping it down with a soapy sponge. Many can also be washed in the dishwasher.

Demand for oil-free deep fryers is at an all-time high, as the results are much tastier than pressure-cooked food. That's not surprising – after months of restrictions due to the pandemic that has forced more people to eat at home, a device that can quickly and easily prepare favorite meals is bound to become popular. These trendy ovens are also perfect for summer dinners where the desire to turn on that big hot main oven is nowhere to be found. This means there are more oil-free fryers on the market than ever before, but not all are created equal, and some brands have quickly joined the field with underperforming machines just to catch up.

What should be considered in an air fryer?

If you're dying to try the air fryer chicken or sweet potato fries recipe you found on Pinterest, here's what to look for in a quality air fryer hot air fryer. Power, speed, and precision are some of the most important factors in a good oil-free fryer, qualities we consider top priority.

This list will help you find the best air fryer for you, and you'll soon be eating the crispiest and healthiest chicken wings of your life.

Top 10 Airfryer Fryers

1. Tefal Easy Fry Oil Free Fryer

tefal easy fry fritoseSHOW PRICES

The Tefal Easy Fry hot air fryer, which comes to mind first when it comes to the best oil-free deep fryer, is a healthy solution for crispy fried meals every day. Fry, bake and cook your favorite dishes with little or no oil. This hot air fryer's Air Pulse technology creates cyclone airflow that provides an irresistibly crispy coat.

adjustable temperature, 60-minute beeper timer and enjoy your meals without much effort thanks to the preset cooking program: French fries, cutlet, shrimp, cake, pizza, fish, barbecue, roast. The special basket system offers a large capacity and large digital touch screen control panel in a compact modern design for the whole family.

????User Comment:

  • It's a horrible deep fryer, the chicken is crispy, when I cook the peppers, the skin peels off very well, the sausage never burns. It didn't happen when I just poured oil on the potato and cooked it, I mixed it with oil on a plate and cooked it.
  • It's a deep fryer you can buy without a second thought. I bought it hesitantly after reading the negative reviews. Since the price of the other brand increased, I had to choose this product, but it is no different from other brands, I made potatoes and meatballs. I added very little oil to the potatoes, 0 fat in the meatballs, I fed them both to my guests and they all loved it. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and very practical to use. You can make instant meals. Meatballs were cooked at 160 degrees in 15 minutes, potatoes in 10 minutes.

2. Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer Fryer 

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Xiaomi is quite ambitious about the oil-free fryer (airfryer). Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer has many strengths, one of them is 360° hot air circulation. This technique allows you to quickly prepare your favorite dishes, cooking them with just a spoonful of oil and the food's own juice. That way you get a crispy, delicious texture and lighter, healthier results. Moreover 1500W high powerCompared to other similar devices, it provides a rapid temperature rise and a more even heat distribution. shortens the cooking time.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer can be adjusted between 40ºC and 200ºC. Ideal for defrosting, making yogurt, baking cakes, cookies, frying, cooking meat, fish, chicken, meatballs. It also has a maximum cooking time of up to 24 hours. For example, You can ferment yoghurt in 40 hours at 8ºC and dry fruit in 60 hours at 5ºC.

The food basket has a capacity of 3,5 liters and a non-stick coating that prevents food from sticking. It can also be washed in the dishwasher.

Don't know what temperature or time is right for each dish? Don't worry: Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer has more than 100 smart recipes.

????User Comment:

  • Definitely one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. I'm sooo pleased. It makes fries like cotton by keeping all the flavor of the food in it. It's a great product.
  • I made all of them in the fryer, except for the noddle. I also made a cake it was amazing. Meat, fish and meatballs are also very successful. In addition, ready-made pastries are wonderful with 0 fat. I fried them from ready-made potatoes, no different than the ones on the outside. I burned only one broccoli, I couldn't make it. This product is invaluable when the oil has been increased so much. Also healthy🙏🏻 Even my wife started to do things all the time because everything is so simple. Since I connect it to the phone, I can stop it from the phone whenever I want. The only problem is weight gain, friends. You want to do everything with this machine 😀 It would be a lie to say 0 smell, of course there is smell. It saved me from cleaning the oven and cleaning the oil.

3. Philips Essential Hd9252/90 Airfryer Fryer 

philips fryer


With a capacity of 0,8 kilograms as a basket and 4,1 liters as a pan, the Philips Essential Hd9252/90 Airfryer oil-free fryer provides a premium frying experience. This oil-free fryer model, which has a very different working principle compared to conventional fryers, cooks food with hot air.

It is much more than a deep fryer as it offers different functions besides frying. It does not create frying and oil odor in the cooking environment. In addition, the dishes cooked in this product come out without oil. Both healthy and delicious It is a deep fryer that comes in handy for making dishes.

????User Comment:

  • I have been following the users of this airfryer since it first came out and I wanted so much and finally I got it too 🙂 I started using it for a week but I tried many things that can be done, it is really successful in everything. I was very curious about the smell, especially in fish. I tried a fish like sea bream. It was ready in half an hour at 1 degrees and there is no smell that really surrounds the house. I recommend it to anyone who wants to buy.
  • It was a product that I hesitated to review and buy for many years. In addition to this, there was no method that I did not look for to get rid of frying. I'm glad I bought this fryer and unfortunately I put it off for nothing, I wish I had bought it sooner. As soon as we arrived, we immediately fried potatoes and made cakes. I can't explain how easy it is, there is zero smell, only the food has its own cooking smell, it has an appetizing smell, just like the fast food potato smell in shopping malls, there is never an oil smell. The cake was also amazing. I will try chicken and meatballs tonight. He will be my right arm now. By the way, I bought the smallest size, which we are a family of three and the food she cooks is more than enough. Definitely buy a product that deserves its money.

4. Fakir Frywell Fryer

airfry fryer


Schafer Fit Fry, one of the best oil-free fryer models, is a price performance product. Schafer Fit Fry, which has a dishwasher-safe cooking chamber, operates at 1500 W power and with the audible warning it gives after cooking; It ensures the safety of you and your family. In addition, it is a practical model where you can apply cooking according to your needs with its 4 programs.

????User Comment:

  • This fryer was affordable compared to its peers, I do not regret it. I wish I had bought it earlier. I was very undecided. Fries the potatoes in 15 minutes. I wanted to buy it because I consume a lot of vegetables. Luckily, I only tried potatoes for now. anything can be done. The size is small not big. The reservoir is wide. easy to use. thanks schafer. This is the first time I have a home appliance in this brand. 👍👍👍
  • Even though I couldn't find it on sale, I still bought it. It is so beautiful that it is not small at all, it can take 1 kg of potatoes very easily, it can fit small chicken, meat and fish, it is all, it is very practical to use, there is a temperature setting and a timer, you can control it while it is cooking. For example, it made the potato crispy without oil in 15 minutes, and we were very satisfied.
  • I know you're currently reading crazy reviews of the best airfryer fryers at the buying stage. Simply amazing, I tried it as soon as it arrived. By blending my potatoes with both oil-free and just a teaspoon of oil, they cooked it crispy in 15 minutes. The fat-free one was a bit more like a baked potato, but the low-fat one turned into a crispy fried potato that I could never reach at home.

5. KUMTEL Fastfryer( Oil Free Airfryer )

kumtel airfryer fryer


Kumtel fastfryer stands out as a price-performance product among the best oil-free fryer brands with its automatic shutdown with 60-minute timer and adjustable temperature up to 200 °C. This airfryer fryer, which gets full marks by users, meets expectations with its fast cooking feature.

????User Comment:

  • I bought the product for my dowry, but tonight I tried and fried french fries, the result is good, it made with only 1 tablespoon of oil, but I had to mix it occasionally, some were not fully cooked, but still great and I think there is no need to spend that much money on other brands, this will work fine.
  • I have been using the product for 1 month. I cook regular potatoes at 200 degrees for 15 minutes. I didn't try the frozen fries. I prepare meatballs and keep them in the freezer, and they cook in 10-15 minutes. I tried salmon, it cooked at 180 degrees in 15 minutes. Zucchini and eggplant take longer to cook, they dry the eggplants, I didn't like it much. I still use it for oil-free stir-frying. It is easy to clean, no oil splashes and no odor. Its chamber is very deep, but its width is small, so you cannot cook a large amount of product. Ideal for 2 people. I don't think it's much different from other expensive brands.

6. Arçelik White Low Oil Fryer Fr 6032a Arçelik 6032 A Recital

oil free fryerSHOW PRICES

One of the best-selling models among Arçelik airfryer fryer models, the Fr 6032a, with its 3-liter reservoir, has the ability to cook the fry needed by a large family in one go. In addition, all parts can be easily removed and washed.

????User Comment:

  • You can fry a lot at once and it's very good and big, and it's nice to have all the pieces come out and clean.
  • I bought it for my daughter's dowry, I use the same one, I am not surprised by the magnificent Arçelik, I recommend it to everyone.
  • A very nice product, it turned out better than I expected, I recommend it to everyone. It's very good without oil, it's a little big, I like it, I hope it continues to cook like this😻😻

7. Electrolux Explore 6 E6AF1-6ST Airfry with LCD Touch Screen

best airfry


This multifunctional airfryer from Electrolux with LCD screen is a very successful product in terms of price performance and therefore it finds its place in the list of the best airfryers. In addition, it impresses with its aesthetic design.

????User Comment:

  • In a word, an excellent oil-free fryer.
    I made oil-free, odorless chicken and potato and pepper fries, it tasted very good for now, it's very practical. I was torn between Philips and Electrolux, I'm glad I chose this one.
  •  There are also different electronic devices that I use belonging to the Electrolux brand. The smell is a little bit as you just have to shake the basket and open it while frying fresh fries, but 0 smell when the drawer is closed. The noise is also normal. While frying potatoes, you do not need to lightly oil the potato, it is enough to pour it with a tablespoon. It's not a fryer because it's an airfyer. For now, I tried potato sausage and onion rings. It was very successful. cleaning is also very easy. You can throw the drawer part into the machine. It is also stylish in appearance. it just doesn't stop automatically after the beep when its time expires. You have to pull the drawer. That's the only bad thing I can say. Also, the drawer is not on the slide rail, but when you take the drawer out while it is hot, you cannot put it directly on the counter. Other than that, I think it's an undiscovered product. It is also referred to as AEG in different countries in Europe. It's a life-saving product, I really wonder why I didn't buy it before. You can get it with peace of mind. I am very pleased.

8. Grundig FR 4032 A Fresh Fryer Low Fat Cooker

best oil free fryer


Thanks to the 3 L capacity of Grundig oil-free fryer, you can comfortably host your crowded guests. The large cooking chamber allows you to cook large portions in one go. In every meal you make, you prepare the desired amount of food with taste, using less oil.

The cooking chamber is covered with non-combustible non-stick material. This gives you a longer use, healthy and safe cooking experience. At the same time, the inner cooking chamber is easily removed, cleaned and can be washed in the dishwasher.

Grundig Fresh Fryer™ Low Fat Cooker uses 99,5% less oil with its special technology, thus it allows you to make healthy fries using 1 tablespoon of oil and reduces the amount of waste oil. While 1 liter of waste oil pollutes 1 million liters of drinking water, Grundig Fresh Fryer™ protects our drinking water with the amount of oil it uses. It helps keep our resources clean and save our future.

????User Comment:

  • The product is absolutely perfect. I regret not buying it before. All kinds of fried meat dishes are cooked very well and just right. Grundig is a brand I've known for years, definitely a price-performance product.
  • As someone who also uses Philips airfryer, I would like to state that there is no difference between them. As mentioned in the other comments, the material of the inner grille is metal-coated, and it is possible to scratch, but you should not scratch it by being careful not to touch the metal directly. In short, the Grundig brand fryer under the guarantee of Arçelik Beko, instead of paying two or three times the money to other brands, works very well.

9. King KYF25 MAGİCFRY Airfryer Fryer

best airfryer


The King oil-free fryer takes its place in the list of the best airfryers with its 2-hour continuous operation, 3.5 liter fryer capacity and 2.6 liter basket capacity. In addition to its fast air flow, minimum oil usage, time and heat adjustment button, turbo engine power, minimum energy saving features, all removable parts can be washed in the dishwasher.

????User Comment:

  • There is no need for expensive products, it is a very useful oil-free fryer, it is easy to clean, it is very practical, it cooks quickly and beautifully, we will not consume such products with oily oil anymore.
  • I made soufflé, meatballs, meat, potatoes, chicken and chestnuts in the product, all of them were very successful. It smells a little bit, but it's not like a frying smell. I recommend it, it's also easy to clean.
  • It gives a very nice flavor with very little oil. I couldn't believe it. He fried the potatoes perfectly, I tried the chicken, it was cooked very successfully. There is a picture of what you are going to cook on the top adjustment button, there is information about the material picture, cooking minutes and cooking degree, example potato says 15-20 minutes, set the setting to 15 minutes. I will try all of them, such as frying, meat, cakes, because they are both healthy and can make many kinds. The basket can be washed in the dishwasher, the price is also very good and it has a 4 year warranty, I recommend this airfryer fryer.

10. Kenwood Air Fryer xxl Fryer HFP50.000BK

best oil free fryer brand


Show off your frying, grilling, roasting and cooking skills and prepare delicious meals in your kitchen with the Kenwood air fryer. Adjustable temperature of 80-200°C and the hot air circulation system, which allows you to cook your food using less oil, provides the opportunity to use 80% less oil than traditional fryers. Meals are now much more practical, healthy and delicious with this oil-free fryer, which offers easy cleaning with its non-stick coated removable handle basket.

????User Comment:

  • Kenwood brand is actually a very good brand, but it is not very common in Turkey, it is generally common in European countries. I was very undecided between this product and another brand, I bought it from this and I still had it in my mind until I figure out how to use it, it is a product that everyone should buy. I highly recommend it for both health and convenience.
  • The product is super I like it very much. There was a recipe book with it, and I took advantage of it.

Best Fryer Frequently Asked Questions

How do Air Fryer fryers work?

Air fryers work by circulating very hot convection air faster than most other ovens. Because hot air hits the food very quickly, it cooks the outside faster than other types of convection cooking, creating a crust that resembles the taste and texture of fried food. Because air fryers cook faster than other ovens, your food stays moist inside; this is another feature that compares to deep frying in oil.

What can you cook in an air fryer?

The choices for food you can cook in an air fryer are vast, but some oil-free deep fryer favorites include chicken wings, chicken thighs, french fries, and mozzarella sticks. You can also cook fish in a deep fryer, including salmon for a moist interior and roasted outer shell. Skinless chicken legs with bones, such as Brussels sprouts, mushrooms, onions, peppers, and some vegetables like carrots, are great when cooked in an air fryer. Meatballs, crusty potatoes and frozen foods can be made in an air fryer for a quick and easy snack or side dish. Air fryers can quickly reheat leftovers like pizza or fried chicken from the previous day. Air fryers heat food almost as fast as a microwave oven, and the results are often much better.

Are air fryer fryers harmful to health?

Air fryer fryers are not unhealthy In fact, cooking with a fryer means you can get food that tastes like deep-fried, but with little or no oil. You can make healthier chicken wings, french fries and more cheese sticks without using too much oil. Some foods work best in a deep fryer with a light oil coating, but most don't require any at all. Oil-free deep fryers have become popular in part because they allow people to eat snacks with much less fat and fewer calories.

Air fryer fryers use similar convection heat to your standard oven, only that it moves faster. There are no magnetic waves or experimental heat sources to worry about.

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