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Water is at the top of the list among the requirements for living a healthy life. While many people do not have access to clean water today, the number of pollutants that can make water undrinkable for those with access to tap water is astronomical. This is exactly where water purifiers come into play and remove bacteria, microbes and other harmful elements such as chlorine, lead, arsenic and heavy metals for cleaner and tastier drinking water.

Increasing industrialization air pollution Many problems such as these make it essential to have access to clean and hygienic drinking water in order to protect yourself from water-borne diseases. However, although consumers prefer to use demijohn water due to the problems experienced in the mains water, the inability to provide hygienic conditions in demijohn water and the use of plastic bring along different health problems.

Today, the best water purifiers for the home are available at incredibly attractive prices that allow many households to enjoy the benefit of accessing 100% clean water around the clock. So if you're looking to buy a water purifier, here's a comprehensive list of the best water purifiers for the home to help you make an informed decision.

Top 10 Water Purifiers

1. Aura İhlas Cebilon Silver Water Purifier

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Aura Cebilon SILVER is one of the most preferred water purification devices used to obtain drinking water from municipal waters that have undergone municipal treatment processes. Developed with Reverse Osmosis technology, Aura Cebilon Silver transforms the mains water into healthy, potable water and passes it through 5 different filtering systems.
5 Micron Sediment Filter: It keeps impurities such as sand, clay soil that cause turbidity in water. Particles larger than 5 micrometers cannot pass through this filter.

Active Carbon Filter (GAC): It filters the free chlorine and organic chemicals in the water. Carbon filters are generally suitable environments for bacterial growth. For this reason, the carbon filters used in Aura Cebilon Silver contain silver ions with antibacterial properties.

1 Micron Sediment Filter: Activated Carbon (GAC) filters the carbon dust that may escape from the filter and ensures a long life of the membrane. Particles larger than 1 micrometer cannot pass through this filter.

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Filter: It is the heart of the Reverse Osmosis system. It purifies all negative elements in water by 98% except water molecules.
Mineral Final Carbon Filter: It improves the taste and smell of water by adding beneficial minerals to the purified water. It balances the pH of the water. This filter is a special design of Aura Cebilon. Ordinary similar filters do not have mineral additives.

????User Comment:

  • I bought this water purifier for my whole family, I use it in both my houses, the taste of the water is amazing, I would definitely recommend it. Sometimes it goes into the campaign, then if you get it, you will never regret it.
  • Take it for granted, it was on sale. I can't drink every water, but I couldn't see a difference in this.

2. Rainwater Superior Water Purifier

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Rainwater Superior water purifier offers a unique taste without destroying natural minerals.

Rainwater water purification systems are clear, do not smell and taste bad, do not smell of chlorine, have a balanced mineral structure, free from germs It provides ideal drinking water with high pH value. In addition, unlike other ordinary water purification devices, Alkaline Mineral Filter provides extra mineral support by protecting the nutritional elements that feed the body (Ca, K, Na, Mg). It is a high quality water purification device that provides high mineral pH 266 water in accordance with EPA, DIN, USA, TS-8,5 drinking water regulations.

This water purifier, which is also an environmentally friendly product, is 70% saving on water ve energy-saving also provides.

The new generation LED indicator faucets let you know when your filter is changing. Your faucet tracks the filter change time for you.

Blue Light: Indicates that it is healthy drinking water.

Red Light: Indicates that it is time to change the filter.

????User Comment:

  • We were pleased with your pre- and post-installation information, cleaning, hygiene, fluent and clear speaking staff. We are happy to join the Rainwater family. For now, since our water is new, they informed us that it has a high pH value and rich in minerals. I also had my 14-year-old son Efe personally inspect this water purifier, he is a gourmet in taste. Like smell, taste, spice etc. The test result is successful. We have recommended this water purifier to the necessary people, and we will continue to do so.
  • We have been using Rainwater's products for about 2 years. We are satisfied with the service and the product in our 4 branches, we had no problems. They are regularly maintained and we get very tasty and healthy water. These purification devices provide great savings.
  • We have been using Rainwater Devices in our hospital for about 5 months. We, ourselves, our employees and our guests are very satisfied with the quality of the water and we receive positive feedback. I would like to thank Rainwater employees, especially Mr. Rıza, who helped us with his smiling face and sincerity.
  • Hello, Even though it has been a few weeks since I had the Rainwater water purification system installed in my house, I wanted to share my thoughts and satisfaction about Rainwater, which made me say "why didn't I have it installed before" and allows us to drink healthy water without worrying about it going to end. First of all, I must state that the professional approach of your company at every stage impressed me.

3. Spring Water Oasis 9 Stage Water Purifier

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Spring Water 10-Stage Water Purifier, with a production capacity of 240 liters per hour and 9 liters per day, is friendly to human health with its filter containing minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium.

Thanks to its 5 micron pores, it filters all kinds of dust, mud, asbestos (carcinogenic substance used in iron water pipes) and coarse materials such as sediment, rust, algae in the water, suspended in the water at a scale of 5 microns.

The water, which is separated from coarse sediment and particles in the first 3 stages, is ready for detailed purification. The main purpose of the first 3 filters is to facilitate the work of the membrane filter and to extend its life, but the Pentek Membrane filter, which is a specially made membrane filter, makes almost no change in the alkalinity of the water. It is the most important stage of purification and the membrane, which is the "main" filter of our device, acts like a semi-permeable membrane, allowing only useful substances to pass through the water, just as plants absorb water from the soil. It is completely natural. While passing only water through it with high pressure, it purifies 99% of harmful bacteria, lime, sediment, rust, asbestos, particles and heavy metals existing in micron water. The clean water from the block carbon filter passes through the coconut shell-based carbon filter and becomes more delicious, extra mineral and soft. It is a hundred percent organic filter. Thanks to this filter, the quality of the water you drink will increase.

????User Comment:

  • We have been using the spring water water purifier for about 1 month, I did not want to comment without using it, we bought a spring water water purifier as a result of long research and we were extremely satisfied, first of all, the taste of the water is very good, the teas gained a different flavor, the service was also very interested, the installation was done quickly in the same day. usage is provided. Take it everybody. Thank you springwater.
  • I bought it for my mom and then myself. I also recommended it to my friend. He is also satisfied. My mains water was extremely chalky. The bottom of our teapot would always contain lime, and the tea would be chalky. With the Spring water water purifier, we got completely clear odorless water, and the limescale was reset. When I call, they are sensitive about all kinds of information. Installation was done for free. Thank you, I recommend it to everyone.
  • We received the product 15 days ago. First of all, the company reached us without any problems and the next day it was installed free of charge. It does not take up much space, and the tap is also of very good quality. As it was written on the company's website, the water had bubbles in it as if it was chlorinated for the first 2 days, and to be honest, we tasted tap water in our mouths (Perhaps it was psychological). However, after the 2nd day, we started to get the same taste that I tasted at my friend's house. To my 3 friends who said that they wouldn't give up on well-known brands, I put 6 of 3 glasses of water from a demijohn and 3 of them from spring's water, and 3 of them couldn't tell the difference :-)) All we said at the moment was “Good thing we bought it!!” It is a product that should definitely be bought when the prices of carboys and bottled waters are skyrocketing. Today, we are a family of 300, with a filter cost of 4 TL per year. The money we give to the water we drink at home at school and at work has almost reached 500 TL per month (6 carboys 200 TL per month at home, 0.5 at school and at work, 6 pieces of water on the first day 2.5 TL = 15 TL x 20 days 300 TL ) At the moment, we all bought a thermos or a water bottle, including me, and our money remained in our pockets. Take it without thinking, you are not likely to be satisfied, it's a shame for the money you pay for the water. I hope our comments will be useful for buyers.

4. Brita On Tap On Tap Filtration System

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With Brita on tap, you can use unfiltered tap water in normal flow and shower mode, and enjoy filtered water from a separate water outlet. You can easily switch between these 3 streams!

The LCD display shows the remaining water in liters: You can see the remaining usage amount thanks to the LCD display on it. Moreover, this indicator only activates when filtered water is used and counts down from 600 on a liter basis!

It filters up to 600 liters of tap water with its filter: The on-tap filter system reduces chlorine and other substances that spoil the taste of water. It filters pesticides, herbicides, metals such as lead, as well as particles > 1 µm (such as microplastics) and 99% of bacteria, if present in your water. It retains beneficial minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Filters up to 600 liters of tap water with a single filter!

Brita on tap filtering system is approved by Japanese JIS and American NSF international test institutes.

????User Comment:

  • I think it is a very successful product. After trying it at home, I decided to buy one for the summer. There was also a filter inside. It is very practical to use, does not drip water. I use it in Istanbul. You do not enjoy the mains water.
  • I bought 2 of this product. A friend of mine recommended a jug of the same brand. When I calculated the cost, I decided that the faucet type would be more useful. You don't have to worry about not being thirsty when you run out of ready water, waiting for the water dispensers to arrive when you place an order, etc. Moreover, it is very nice to have 3 different flow options and a liter counter for the purified water. If your mains water is very hard and chalky, do not expect high performance. Other than that, I would definitely recommend it.
  • I had my prejudices before I bought it, but I'm glad I did. The water is very delicious, thanks to the pressure shower nozzle, it also works well for washing dishes as well as drinking water. We got rid of the bottleneck problem (tell water when it's finished, it takes up space, the pump is always out). In addition, make sure to keep a spare of drinking water in the cupboard or in the jug, when the water is cut off, there is no drinking water. It is a more advantageous product than Brita jug.

5. Arçelik 3140 Sfc Water Treatment Machine

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This water purification device, which stands out with the quality of the Arçelik brand, is among the most preferred water purification devices. Working with 4 pumps, Arçelik 3140 SFC purifies 189 liters of water per day and can easily fit anywhere thanks to its ergonomic structure. This product, which is used under the counter, has an important place in the water treatment device recommendations and deserves its price.

????User Comment:

  • It's been 10 months since I bought the product and used it. I was very satisfied. Definitely deserves the money paid. The service quality of the Arçelik brand is absolutely perfect. I recommend it wholeheartedly.
  • I've been using it for about 3 years. I have had no problems with the product in 3 years. I would definitely recommend getting this wall purifier.

6. AQUAFLO Elite 12 Stage Multimineral 12 Lt Steel Tank Water Purifier 

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AQUAFLO Elite 12 Stage Multimineral 12 Lt Steel Tank Water Purifier for those looking for a price performance product is the perfect fit. This water purifier, which has the capacity to produce 280 liters of water per day, offers a soft drink with its 12-stage filter feature.

????User Comment:

  • After the installation, the first pre-set filter washing and then the sweetener filter washing are done, then the device is ready for use. You should fill and empty the first 2 or 3 tanks because the water becomes cloudy. When the turbidity passes, the water flowing from the faucet will flow with air bubbles, and this will go away after 1-2 weeks. This is not related to the device I wrote, it is a situation that generally occurs in every water purifier. The case of the device is not of high quality, but the filter and material give a feeling of quality. There is almost no noise when the pump is running. I saved the most important one for last, the taste of water. The water is really nice to drink. I compared the water coming out of the treatment with the water I got from the carboy by drinking it. The water tasted bitter. The water of the purification is soft and hearty. I don't think cheap brands are needed. I can't say anything if you say that the water purifier should both purify the water and measure the hardness of the water from the hardness monitor. Maybe the casings and filters of expensive water treatment brands are of better quality, I can't say anything about it. However, in this device, the carboy we drink blindfolded gives better drinking water than water. I have recommended it to everyone near me. I will be purchasing another device in the near future. Glad I got it…
  • I did the installation myself by watching it on YouTube. water tastes good. I don't think it's necessary to buy from other brands by paying a lot of money. Filters are important in the device. If the filters are good, you can drink good water, it's that simple.

7. Hotpoint Ariston CT NTC IX2 82227 Water Purifier

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Hotpoint Ariston CT NTC IX2, which draws attention with its practical use in the category of water purification devices, manages to impress users with its stylish design and usefulness. While this water purifier completely cleans the chlorine of the water with its 10 micron activated carbon filter, it ensures that your tap water reaches the nutritional values, taste and clarity of its original source.

????User Comment:

  • The product is very practical and useful. Plug and use. There is no extra water connection or drilling work here and there. The water is drinkable in taste. You should not expect spring water quality from such a small device. The only bad thing is that it makes the water warmer than normal. I think it's because of the UV lamp. That's why you can solve the problem if you fill it with cold water. I recommend it to those who want it not to occupy space, not to have connection problems and to use it wherever I want.
  • Very nice and practical water quality is good, I can say better than most commercially available water.

8. OXYGEN WATER 13 Stage Lg Membrane Water Purifier with Steel Water Tank

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This water purifier with 15 stages and LG membrane, with a purification capacity of 13 liters per hour, manages to get full marks from the users. This 13-stage water purifier has a quiet and ergonomic design, and is also a complete price-performance product.

????User Comment:

  • I have been using the product for a week. I'm really happy with the quality, I'm glad I bought this water purifier. My water was very chalky. There is no longer any limescale under the kettle. The taste of water is not different from instant water, it is nice.
  • It's been a few days since it has a very tasty juice. Lime-free immaculate. There is no need to spend money on other expensive brands of water treatment products. Good thing I bought this water purifier.
  • It is a very good quality device, from filters to its appearance, I recommend it to everyone for quality water.
  • My product arrived, at first I was a little conflicted, normally I was worried about the taste of the water, I had it installed yesterday, I liked it very much, now I will buy the second one for my brother, I think it should be higher for this quality. So if you want it to be both convenient and the best, your first choice should definitely be this water purifier ;))


9. Aura Ihlas Cebilon Unique Water Purifier

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We continue our list of the best water purifiers with the Aura Cebilon Unique, water purifier. Aura İhlas Cebilon Unique water purifier is used to obtain drinking water from mains water that has undergone municipal treatment processes. The water to be treated must be microbiologically safe and subjected to the necessary disinfection process.

????User Comment:

  • The service was very interested, it is said to be the best product of ihlas, we are using it without any problems for now, thank you.
  • Far above my expectation; The taste of the water is very soft. No more buying Sau.. Also, company officials are very interested. I have been informed at every step since I placed the order, thank you for that. When it comes to the water purifier recommendation, don't hesitate, get it, you won't regret it.


10. AO Smith Daisy Water Purifier

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With its compact and stylish design, AO Daisy water purifier, 280 liters (75 gpd) daily water purification capacity, side stream membrane technology, 9,5 liters (2.5 gallon) total volume tank, digital display system indicators with working status, water inlet, full It impresses with its tank and rO features.

While it can clean 99.9% of water thanks to its multi-layer filter, the device, which can operate longer than other models with its side stream membrane technology, provides 56% water efficiency with its durable filters. It is also very easy to carry the product, which you can use as you want, both under and over the counter.

????User Comment:

  • The product is so beautiful and delicious that it really deserves 5 stars. One of its most beautiful features is that it does not take up much space under the kitchen counter.
  • They are also very good at installation support. I started using it within 4 days after the order date. We enjoyed the taste of filtered water as a family.

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Purifiers

This model of Brita, a German brand, is ready for use in seconds with its easy-to-install structure. Brita On Tap, which is among the most preferred water purification devices of recent years, filters 99,99% of bacteria thanks to its fiber membrane. In this way, you will have clean water. Finally, we recommend the device, which is very effective in cleaning the unwanted things in the water, to our readers who want a quality water purifier.

Is bottled water healthy?

While providing hygienic conditions in carboy water is an important factor, the use of plastic can bring along different health problems.

DImportant Reminders About amanana Waters

  • It should be consumed within 24 hours.
  • It should not come into contact with sunlight.
  • 65 Must be destroyed after filling.
  • The carboy must be unworn, clean and transparent.
  • Bisphenol A (BPA), the raw material of carboy production, is toxic and causes obesity apart from hormonal disorders.
  • It should be inspected regularly by experts, and if pumps or water fountains are used, they should be cleaned at least once a month.

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