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As parents, it is our duty to keep our babies safe and healthy. However, we do not always take into account the toys that they lie in, put in their mouths, and carry with them everywhere. With their immature immune systems, sensitive bodies and growing brains, they are more at risk than adults, so we must do everything we can to protect them.

Perhaps surprisingly, not all baby toys are made with health and safety in mind, and some may even contain various chemicals or residues. Fortunately, the “CE” printed on toys that meet EU standards indicates that the product is safe. The first thing that comes to mind by conscious parents organic baby products is happening. At this point organic baby toys It will be the best option.

Searching for toys made from organic materials is also a popular strategy for eco-friendly parents.

Although the organic baby toys options may seem few, we have brought together the best ones for you. Below are just a few of the adorable, well-rated, certified organic and natural baby toys that will comfort and encourage your growing baby to play. Each would also make a perfect baby gift.

Top 5 Organic Baby Toys

  1. Amigurumi Organic Toy Wooden Teether and Pacifier Chain in One Set

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100% Organic Cotton Amigurumi Pacifier Chain with Rattle and Wooden Teether With its design and functionality, it will be an ideal toy for your baby. It combines two functions in one: on the one hand, it is a valuable and fun rattle, on the other hand, it is used to comfort the baby during teething and encourage the eruption of his teeth. Rabbit made of 100% organic cotton It has a rattle inside to keep your little one entertained and its ergonomic design fits perfectly in their little hands. It is ecological and safe for your baby because it does not contain toxic components.

teether ring Made from unpolished raw maple It is safe for your baby. The rattle comes with a nice chain to carry or store baby's pacifier or other items. Its elegant and sophisticated design is ideal for cosmopolitan babies and eco-loving dads.

????User Comment: I couldn't even imagine that it would be this beautiful, I liked it very much, it came exactly the same, even the one in the picture, very sweet.


2. Masalinka Linka Throne Set – Organic And Natural Wooden Toy

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All products of Masalinka, which produces natural and wooden toys for your baby and children, are made of 100% handmade wood. Water-based paints do not contain any harmful substances. You can choose Masalinka's products when choosing organic toys.

The product in the image is for 3 years old and above, but you can reach suitable alternatives for younger babies by clicking the button above.

????User Comment:  We love it, we will expand our collection with new sets soon.

3. Organic Play Dough

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Play dough is very important for the development of your baby's motor skills and imagination. However, while the various chemicals in the play dough we know cause us to worry about our baby, at this point, completely natural and organic play dough comes to the rescue. You and your baby can play with confidence with organic play doughs with plant content such as sugar cane and corn starch.

????User Comment:  It smells great and comes with nice packaging. It's good if you can stop eating it 🙂 We played rather than the kids, I recommend it, it's quite natural and high quality.

4. World Map Educational, Multi-Purpose Organic Play Mat

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  • From the first month, babies need to spend time on the face / belly for the development of neck, back and arm muscles. In this period, play mats provide great support to the development of babies. A natural and organic play mat made of 1% cotton will be the healthiest choice for your baby. With this play rug with a world map pattern, you can explore the world with your baby. This organic baby play mat also provides dual use.

????User Comment:  The product arrived today, I opened it immediately and I loved it. The size came much larger than I expected, the colors are very vibrant, just like in the photo, you can use it on both sides with a green solid color on the back, the bag was also sent, carrying comfort 😉, I say take it 👍🏻

5. Carioca Baby Organic Washable Finger Paint

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Italian brand Carioca; It has a wide range of products such as colored, felt-tip, pastel and watercolor pencils, finger paints and play dough designed to release the creativity skills of children and adults.

The ink used in Carioca's felt-tip pens is organic and washable, produced entirely from food dyes in the Settimo Torinese factory. The ink in Carioca pens, which are dermatologically tested and approved It does not contain any toxic and/or harmful substances for children's health. Stains on the skin and clothes can be easily washed off with soap and water.

Carioca organic washable baby finger paint, These are crayons that are produced entirely from food dyes, organic, and do not contain any harmful substances. You can safely use it for your baby.

????User Comment: I use it safely for my baby, it is very easy to clean. My daughter fainted at 2 years old and does not want to leave.

The Lifeco Baby Organic Baby Bottle Pacifier and Toy Cleaner

For your baby, the cleaning should be as natural as the naturalness of the toys. Toy cleaners with clean ingredients and no synthetic perfumes come to your rescue at this point.

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Thanks to the pure and natural active ingredients in its content It safely and effectively cleans all the water-washable items you use for your baby, such as bottles, breast pumps and toys. Its intense formula is suitable for long-term use. It dissolves easily in water, foams little, leaves no residue and rinses quickly. It leaves no synthetic taste or odor.

Why The LifeCo Baby?

-It has an effective formula.

It does not contain bleach, phosphate, dye, ammonia and heavy chemicals.

-Does not contain synthetic perfumes.

-Dermatologically tested and approved.

-It is produced from ICEA (Italian Ethics and Environmental Certification Institute) certified, organic, plant-based, non-GMO raw materials.

-Not exposed to ionizing radiation.

-He is vegan. It does not contain raw materials of animal origin and has not been tested on animals.

-The packaging has been inspected within the criteria of recyclable or reusable packaging.

Usage Instruction: The product is suitable for hand washing. Wash and rinse the material by adding 3 ml (about half a tea glass) to 30 liters of water.

What Should Be Considered In Organic Baby Toys?


Choose organic cotton certified by the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) or the Soil Association. If you must purchase plastic toys, choose those marked polyvinyl chloride (PVC), bisphenol A (BPA), and phthalate-free, as these chemicals are harmful during manufacture and release toxic chemicals when they degrade over time.

Safe Paints

When choosing toys for your baby, choose those that use plant or water-based paints. Other dyes may contain heavy metals such as cadmium, which is known to cause cancer. Some toy paints have been found to contain heavy metals, such as lead, which can cause permanent damage to our baby's growing nervous system.

Less Synthetic Material

Some toys are made with cotton grown with cancer-causing pesticides and polyester filling made from petroleum that is treated with chemicals and turns into microplastics over time. Instead of It's a good idea to look for toys made from natural materials such as organic cotton, hemp, wood or natural rubber.

Why Should I Choose Organic Toys? 

Toys are essential in helping babies develop their physical, language and cognitive skills. Many parents prefer organic toys as they are made from a safe and durable natural material. Most organic toys are biodegradable, making them a great option for the environment. If you want to activate your child's creativity and get rid of plastic, you can choose organic toys.

Baby toys made from wood and other natural and organic materials provide a rich sensory experience for the developing newborn. They can also help new mothers feel secure about the safety of the toy their baby puts in their mouth.

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