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Along with our increased hand washing habit during the pandemic period, the use of products such as soap, disinfectant and cologne that we use for hand hygiene has also increased. How sensitive are we about the content of these products, which we use frequently in our daily lives and which constantly penetrate our skin?

The products we use to clean our hands no animal testing and no animal ingredients We can choose not to be complicit in animal cruelty and exploitation. Also for daily use with natural ingredients, free of heavy chemicals and not harmful to the environment during production Preferring products will be healthier alternatives for both ourselves and nature.

To reach plant-based and animal-free products faster and easier; Demand, purchasing and consumption is the greatest power we have. In order to increase the place of these products on the shelves and make them more accessible, we should pay attention to our choices during our shopping. As we can do during the purchase of any cleaning and cosmetic product, we can also make sure that the product is animal-free when buying hand soap. cruelty free logos you can call or -in our cruise free article- You can check our lists.

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To find out if the product is vegan -What is a vegan product in our article- As we mentioned, you can start by searching primarily for vegan logos.

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What is Vegan Soap?

Vegan soaps (or vegetable soaps) are soaps made from vegetable fats or oils rather than saponified animal fats.

The most common reason a particular soap product may not be suitable for vegans is because it contains animal fats and other products (such as honey or other ingredients often used to add a particular fragrance).

Animal Fats

It's not really hard for companies to make a vegan soap: you just have to use a vegetable-based oil (olive or coconut oil) instead of animal fats. Although animal fats are cheaper, soap manufacturers are producing vegan soaps to allow ethically minded consumers to clean their hands without harming any animals.

Experiment on Animals

Along with animal fats and other animal-derived ingredients, some other soaps are considered problematic for vegans because they're tested on animals or are made by companies that routinely test on animals. Obviously a company like this won't advertise this fact on their packaging, but those that don't test on animals (and have never done so) often like to make it obvious, which makes things easy for vegan soap seekers.

Non-Vegan Soap Ingredients

Many soaps contain animal fat derivatives, but you won't see it written on the packaging. Instead, you might see ingredients like sodium tallow, which is usually made by mixing animal fat (tallow) from cows or sheep with sodium hydroxide (caustic soda). Here are some of the most common non-vegan ingredients added to soap.

Sodium Tallow

Made from tallow, obtained by processing animal fat (and traditionally used to make candles), this ingredient is one of the main non-vegan ingredients in soap and is used because of its relatively low cost and widespread availability of animal remains.

Honey or Beeswax

Honey and beeswax ingredients cannot be produced without exploiting bees, so they are not vegan. Yes, honey makes the soap smell good, but there are many plant-based alternatives that can do the same.

Sodium Stearate

Made from stearic acid, which can be obtained from animal or plant sources, it is an ingredient that often causes a lot of uncertainty when listed on soap packaging. As noted, unless the soap specifically specifies vegan credentials, it will likely contain some type of animal product.


As with stearic acid, glycerol (or its other names) can be produced from plant or animal sources, so the same precautions apply.

Harmful Chemicals

In addition to the animal-derived ingredients found in many soaps, many soaps (usually mass-produced brands from giant consumer goods conglomerates) also have numerous potentially harmful chemicals that go into their ingredients.

These include ingredients like parabens, dioxane, and even formaldehyde. Most vegan soaps tend to use only natural ingredients and don't add potentially harmful chemicals. This is another reason why even non-vegans choose vegan soaps! natural soap There is a chemical needed to make it, sodium hydroxide, and while it is harmful on its own, it is not harmful in soap.

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In this article, you can buy online, but also on the shelves of the market; We have prepared a sample list of animal-free, vegan and natural-based hand soaps. Here are 5 vegan hand soaps you can easily reach.

Best Vegan Soap

1. U Green Clean

vegan soap


U Green Clean in all its products using organic and natural raw materials and it is a domestic brand producing in Turkey.

U Green Clean Organic Orange Oil Vegetable Liquid Soap;

  • It is vegan certified.
  • It has not been tested on animals.
  • It is ECOGARANTIE certified from the European Union.
  • It is produced with herbal and natural raw materials.
  • It does not contain harmful chemicals such as GMO, Paraben, Chlorine, SLES, SLS, Synthetic Perfume, Phosphate and Petrochemical derivatives.
  • U Green Clean Sensitive Herbal Liquid Soap is also available for sensitive and allergic skin.

CarrefourSa You can find it on supermarket shelves or buy it online. SHOW PRICES

????User Comment: 

  • I am very satisfied with this product. My hands are not irritated at all.
  • If you have a skin disease, you should definitely use it. Performance and quality 10/10
  • I use the product for my daughter because it is natural. I am very happy with Green Clean vegan soap👍

2. Siveno


Siveno, in its products Using 100% natural raw materials and green production It is a brand that adopts its processes.

Siveno Orange Oil Liquid Soap;

  • It is vegan certified.
  • Cruelty free Leaping Bunny certified. Not tested on animals.
  • Thanks to the olive oil, castor oil and orange oils in it, it moisturizes and softens the skin.
  • It does not contain synthetic fragrance, Phenoxyethanol, SLS/SLES, Paraben, PEG, EDTA, Alcohol, Silicone, Paint, Mineral oil, Triclosan, Phenoxyethanol.
  • Lavender Oil, Laurel Oil and Olive Oil varieties are also available.

CarrefourSa You can find it on supermarket shelves or buy it online. SHOW PRICES

????User Comment: 

  • Our soap that does not dry our hands, does not contain chemicals, does not cause eczema, and we use it with peace of mind. So glad I have you. 🙏
  • It is very difficult to find natural and vegan products at these prices. My son is 3,5 years old, I have been using Siveno vegan soap for 3,5 years. After the laurel, the scent of the orange was very light and fresh. I'm not giving up on this anymore.

3. The Elite Home

vegan soap brands


The Elite Home is a local brand that produces sustainable and vegan cleaning products, founded by a female entrepreneur.

The Elite Home Herbal Based and Vegan Liquid Hand Soap;

  • It is vegan certified.
  • It has not been tested on animals.
  • It does not contain Triclosan, which is found in anti-bacterial soaps, which kills germs and eliminates beneficial bacteria.
  • Does not contain coloring essence, SLES, Paraben.

????User Comment: 

  • I use this product as the main ingredient in my shower gel, facial cleansing gel, stick deodorant everywhere, I am really satisfied, thank you for your efforts. 🙏🌈
  • Elite Home vegan soap is perfect for hands with eczema. Other than the smell of light olive oil, which is its raw material, the smell does not contain perfume and it foams less. Even if I do not apply cream after washing my hands, it is soft. Congratulations. 👍

4. TheLifeco

vegan soap brand


The LifeCo products have the internationally recognized ICEA organic cosmetics certificate.

The LifeCo Care Organic Liquid Soap Aloe Vera

  • Peta Cruelty free and Vegan certified.
  • It has not been tested on animals.
  • It has 100% natural and environmentally friendly ingredients.
  • It does not contain heavy chemicals such as Bleach, Phosphate, Dye, SLS, Paraben, Ammonia.
  • The LifeCo Organic Liquid Soap Argan Oil variant is also available.

????User Comment: 

  • I have used this product before, it is very good. You should definitely buy a liquid vegan hand soap that will be the definitive solution for those with detergent allergies on their hands.
  • I love the one with aloe vera. It smells very nice and feels clean. The vegan soap with argan is also nice, but the one with aloe vera will be my preference.

5. Eyup Sabri Tuncer

vegan liquid soap


Eyüp Sabri Tuncer is Turkey's first Vegan Certified (V-Label) cosmetics brand. It is one of the most accessible vegan soaps that you can easily find in most grocery stores.

Eyüp Sabri Tuncer Natural Olive Oil Liquid Soap

  • It is vegan certified.
  • It has not been tested on animals.
  • Paraben and Gluten free.
  • It is available in many varieties in different essences and fragrances.

You can buy it from many markets such as Migros, Bim, Macro Center or online.

????User Comment: 

  • It is a super vegan soap for the hands that are irritated by washing hands during the corona days, I think its olive oil softens the hands.
  • Since I have dermatitis on my hands, I recommend a vegan liquid soap that I use constantly and that I am satisfied with.

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