Turkey from +90: “The World” Plastic Waste Container Documentary

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+90 The news channel recently broadcast a documentary in which he touched on plastic imports in Turkey and other striking issues related to plastic, and discussed the problems experienced.

At the beginning of 2018, China banned the import of waste. As such, a significant amount of waste began to be imported to different countries and Unfortunately, Turkey comes first among these countries.

The 10 countries that export the most plastic waste to Turkey are England, Belgium, Germany, USA, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, France, Japan.

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According to research published in the journal Science, Turkey is among the top 20 unsuccessful countries in recycling plastic waste. While we can't even adequately recycle our own plastic waste, imported waste and the possible harm it will cause to the environment is worrying.

plastic waste import

Experts emphasize that all kinds of substances can enter the country under the name of plastic waste import, since there is not enough control.

The documentary titled "Turkey: Plastic Waste Container of the World", which seeks solutions to questions such as how these plastic wastes coming for recycling are inspected, what processes they go through, and whether there are hazardous wastes among them, allows us to face many unseen realities.

With this striking video, in which we see that many concepts such as conscious society, conscious consumption, waste reduction and reuse are actually inadequate, it is underlined that government institutions should impose legal sanctions on waste imports and that the relevant institutions should be subject to strict control.

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