Turkey's First Green Hydrogen Plant to be Established in Balıkesir

writer Zeynep Aktas

Turkey's First Green Step

green chemistry In the last article of our article series on green industry and we talked about their applications. Unfortunately, Turkey is far behind in terms of these practices.

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However, Sabancı Holding is taking great steps for green chemistry and green industry as a pioneer for Turkey. In this article, we will tell you about these steps as an example for everyone.

Sabancı Holding in greenhouse gas emissions until 2050 'net zero' It also aims to reach the level of “zero waste” has a target. Sabancı Holding CEO Cenk Alper, who previously expressed his views on the subject, said, “As Sabancı Group, we show sensitivity to sustainability only at certain stages; It's not a matter of saying 'we exist too'. On the contrary, we assume a leading role in society; It is one of the issues that we constantly push ourselves for development. While addressing sustainability in all its dimensions, including environmental, social and governance, we integrate this approach from top to bottom into each company and each unit of our group. In this context, we decided to reconsider our Community promise and conducted a study with our Community managers. Having received the support and approval of our entire Board of Directors, especially our Chairman of the Board, Mrs. Güler Sabancı, we fulfilled our Group's promise.For a sustainable life, we unite Turkey and the world with pioneering initiatives'” and stated that unsustainable approaches are not valid in the world.

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For this purpose and Sabancı Holding is preparing to establish Turkey's first Green Hydrogen Plantr. The project will continue under the leadership of the South Marmara Development Agency with the contributions of Enerjisa Üretim, Eti Maden, Tübitak-MAM and ASPİLSAN Energy.

The project is expected to occupy an important place in Europe's energy supply by 2030 and to be a pioneer in Turkey's transition to sustainable industry.

Within the scope of the studies green hydrogen, green methanol and ammonia, hydrogen has very critical advantages in storage Boron-Hydride It is also planned to conduct R&D studies and pilot productions of compounds.

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We hope that the Green Hydrogen Facility, signed by the protocol on February 15, 2022, will set an example for the entire Turkish Industry.

We hope that this first step taken on behalf of the green industry in Turkey will not be the last. Remember, a sustainable industry means sustainable living.


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