Is a Vegan Diet Harmful to Health?

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generally veganismIt is known as not consuming animal products. In fact, its full definition should be known as preferring to get useful things from animal products in other ways. Let's continue by examining the sub-headings to make the subject more clear.



People who eat vegan generally do not suffer from great health problems. The crucial question here is, of course, what they consume as a source of protein. In fact, if we look at it, it does not make sense to get protein only from meat and meat products.

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Because, as it is known, there are useful nutrients such as protein and phosphate in plants with pulp. Plants with pulp also have positive roles in the work of our intestinal and digestive system. There is a misconception among the public that only animal foods are taken as a conventional pattern of protein.. the origin of this that protein can be obtained from other plants.


Chief among these beans, chickpeas, soy milk, rice, pistachios, walnuts There are foods that we can easily find in our daily life. We can meet our daily protein needs from here. A person's daily protein needs vary between 55-75 grams.

For example, you can meet most of your protein needs from the dry beans-rice combination you eat for dinner. It is wrong to think that only meat products contain protein and make it a necessity. There are alternatives for everything in nature. A person uses whatever he wants to use and continues his life.

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If we touch on another subject, our need for protein starts in the womb and later on. Both our mother and ours. The newborn baby needs plenty of protein for the formation of muscle cells and regeneration of tissues. The mother also needs to consume more protein than half of her daily protein requirement for breast milk.



As we explained above, vegan diet is not harmful for health. It is quite healthy. In addition, there are even people who follow vegan diets. The opinion that people who do not consume meat and meat products are weak, weak and tired is just a lie. The real truth is to accept that both diets have different aspects. It cannot be expected that the benefits of fiber-based foods and the benefits of pulpy plants are the same, but it is true that both contain protein. the important thing enough protein and eat healthy. Veganism is also a very healthy way of eating. For more detailed information, it would be useful to consult your doctor.

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