The Company That Makes Dog Products From Recycled Plastic: Wanderruff

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In our planet where resources are limited, it is now clear that the buy-and-dispose approach based on a linear economy model has lost its functionality. For this reason, the fact that enterprises that adopt the circular economy model (reduce-reuse-recycle) will continue to exist as successful businesses in the future with increasing consumer awareness.

Founded by animal-loving entrepreneurs Anisa Musmary and Paul Irwin to lead an environmentally conscious lifestyle, Vancouver-based Wanderruff offers dog products made from post-use recycled plastic to consumers.

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The brand focuses on functional, minimal and modern products to take our lovely friends from the city streets to the dog parks, inspired by the disappointment of the pet industry's inability to keep up with the more aesthetic and environmentally friendly practices found in the fashion industry.

Wanderruff, which has a range of functional leashes and harnesses in its product range, allows all dogs, large and small, to look good and feel good at the same time, in its products where it combines comfort and awareness inspired by adventure.

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Company founders Anisa Musmary and Paul Irwin; “We're both big animal lovers and as new parents to our Golden Retriever Norman, we've had a hard time finding accessories that fit both our aesthetic, lifestyle and values. We saw that the pet industry had some things to do, and with our branding and marketing background, we thought we were the ones to do it, and that's how Wanderruff was born.” says.

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of the brand to sustainability focus, plastic recycling It is not limited to the products produced with Wanderruff is committed to using responsible packaging practices, using natural materials from recycled plastic, paper and hang tags to the envelopes it ships with.

Wanderruff, for the planet 1% For The Planet It aims to make even more impact outside the organization by joining forces with the company by promising to donate 1% of annual sales to support environmentally focused nonprofits.

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