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The prospect of having to drink waste water can freeze your blood. However, the decrease in water resources day by day shows that this scenario can be realized. With the rapid increase in drought and population growth, water resources began to become insufficient for people. wastewater nasil evaluated? As the question came to the fore, the idea of ​​cleaning wastewater and reusing it began to be adopted even more.

Even though the experts who make researches and innovations about water do not like it very much, these projects are called 'from the toilet to the faucet'. In a few countries, sewage water is offered for use as drinking water after being cleaned in accordance with standards.

In this way, the water is made ready for reuse. Although this idea is not welcomed, recycle The taste of the water that is made clean by using water is not different from the drinking water used in our homes.

Recycling Now in Water

Environmental Engineer Anas Ghadouan from the University of Western Australia said that as a result of the increasing population and drought, many regions will have no choice but to resort to this recycling. So you may be staying away from this topic right now, but in the very near future, you may have to drink the recycled water, he confirmed his assessment.

Treatment of domestic wastewater When people think of toilet water, they think of toilet water, but the subject is much more comprehensive and deep. It is said that with the widespread use of recycled water, cities will save 60% from water.

Today, wastewater is used in many areas, even if it is not used for drinking water or agricultural irrigation. If recycled wastewater is to be started to be used in drinking water in the near future, it is useful to know that wastewater will be subject to the practices made to make it safe from the purification of drinking water.

First of all, the water is separated from its solid materials and cleaned to the smallest parts by the transition method used. Another process, which is done as an extra precaution, is the process of making the water sterile with ultraviolet lights. With this method, which is applied according to the information given, the wastewater becomes even cleaner than the water obtained from rivers and reservoirs.

However, one of the most important factors here is the wastewater obtained from the toilet. recycle It is the involuntary exposure of people to a psychological disgust while drinking through drinking. In the researches, 13 percent of the people stated that they would never drink the water obtained in this way, while half of them expressed that they are still undecided on this issue.

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