7 You Should Know Plastic Type

- Regulation on Control of Packaging Waste The abbreviation used by the packaging manufacturers, indicating the type of packaging, and the number of the material type are kept. – In the center of the symbol, the number representing the type of material from which the packaging is produced, and the abbreviation representing the material type in capital letters are written below it.

- This number value symbolized as PET or PETE in water bottles, jars, oil bottles and soft drink bottles is used. - It stands for Polyethylene terephthalate; it is hard and durable. - Easily recyclable and It is the most recycled plastic.

 - HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), is a high-density polyethylene material. - It is a solid and economical material and is white in color. - Milk bottles, cleaning products packaging, buckets, bleaches, shampoos, garbage bags has such a wide range of uses.

- of polyvinyl chlorideThere are two different types, rigid and flexible. - Cleaning materials such as detergents, bleaches, window and pipe systems, siding, roofing materials, vegetable oils and shampoo bottles, artificial leathers, soft toys It is made of PVC.

- LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) is a low density polyethylene material. - Generally; squeezable bottle, dry cleaning and shopping bags, bread bags, carpet, bag used in products such as

- PolypropyleneIt has medium hardness and brightness, and is a type of plastic with high melting properties and moisture barrier. - Yogurt and milk containers, margarine tubes, ketchup bottles, chips and biscuit packaging, microwave food trays, medicine bottles, chairs, suitcases, carpet, rope and some containers and lids It is made of polypropylene plastics.

- Polystyreneforms the rigid and foam product group. It is an affordable plastic material with a low melting point. - Fast-food packaging containers, water glasses, yogurt containers, egg cartons, coolers, trays, video and audio cassette containers, dog containers Polystyrene plastic is used in products such as

- Other are other plastic products. - Computer hardware products, demijohns, dvd containers, sunglasses, nylons falls into this group. The PC plastic group, called polycarbonate, is marked with the number 7.