A Strange Fit: What is Urban Resilience?

urban resilience
writer Asli Turan

“Place” is one of the concepts that lead the elements that make up the society. In the century we live in, when the population is considered to represent the quantitative size, cities are “places” that have a physical majority.

Then; The fact that the application area of ​​the policies that have the power to change is the city is plausible with the clarity of the indicators to be compared as a result. From this point of view, the issues for which solution methods are sought and/or have to be sought can be examined on a city scale.

Resistance can be defined as the ability to return to a steady state in any change. We can consider the change in this definition somewhat broadly. For example; It may also be a situation that requires immediate response, such as a disaster or earthquake; climate change long-term reactions to accept and adapt to its existence.

It is the subject of many sciences to examine these reactions on the basis of the city and to create resilience in order to preserve the existence of the city.
The meaning of “coping ability” in the content of the concept of resilience emerges by accepting the abnormality of an unusually developing situation. “What and why should we deal with it?” Answers to the question may regulate the appropriate management policy tool. We can usually monitor these vehicles through the work of local government units.

These studies, which aim to ensure the continuity of the system, feel the increasing change of the system and seek solutions for its restructuring. We, the people, can see these solutions integrated into our daily lives. From new transportation alternatives to technical measures to protect water resources.

So far, you may have many questions in your mind. For example, be sustainable If the main goal is, why can't these policies be implemented in the whole country as a whole? The answer to this question takes aside the fact that all cities are basically formed by going through the same needs and processes. It cannot be expected that the same answer will be sufficient for the urgent problems of cities where life dynamics are different.

Since the city has a wide range of obligations from the infrastructure to the social rights of the citizens, in moments of shock, everyone turns their eyes to local governments.

Working with different tools for common purposes in Europe for many years. "Mayors Agreement" The administrations under its scope set an example for many cities with its “examples of good practice”. In Turkey, our cities, especially Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, have emergency action plans.

I would like to conclude here with the intention of asking you, the reader, a question. Can these plans, which you know exist or have learned while reading this article, convince you of the safety of cities? Your answer to this question is important; while a citizen's belief in "resilience in government" is directly linked to the creation of "resilient cities"...


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