What is Renewable Energy?

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20th century a concept that has entered our lives since it was realized that there are energy sources other than oil in our world. renewable energy sources It is one of the most important agenda items among the future plans of both countries and large companies.

To find the answer to the question of what is renewable energy, let's take a closer look at this phrase, which we usually come across in academic articles and sometimes in television news.

What is Renewable Energy?

Albert Einstein, While he displayed an attitude that sheds light on the future with his words that started and continued with the words that everything is related to energy and everything is just that, perhaps it was not fully understood what he meant in his lifetime. Today, for the sake of which embargoes are placed, war threats are made, energy concept Considered independently of the empires to be established, it is of vital importance for all humanity.

Renewable energy It can be defined as the general name given to the energies that are constantly in a cycle within the nature itself. Every factor that creates a power on earth contains energy. Earthquakes, lightning, hurricanes and tides are just a few examples that can come to mind at once.

Renewable energy, in other words sustainable energy, is a type of energy that can be used continuously, regardless of a source that can be consumed as it is used. Renewable energy source is the name given to the sources from which this type of energy is obtained.

Renewable energy is energy produced from natural processes that are constantly renewed. This includes sunlight, geothermal heat, wind, tides, water and various forms of biomass. This energy cannot be consumed and is constantly renewed.

Renewable energy is produced using constantly renewed and inexhaustible natural resources.

As with many natural energy sources, there are many renewable energy technologies.

renewable energy

Although the word energy evokes the first moving objects in societies, this actually covers a very small slice. For example, the energy in the sun is a type that arises not from motion but from heat. On the other hand, these energies never stand still as they first appeared. Energy can be potential or kinetic, but it is certainly not stable.

The fact that energy cannot be stable renewable energy sources It is not a proposition that reveals the basis of the subject. The continuous renewal of itself in a cycle in the natural process allows a type of energy to manifest itself in various ways. It is possible to manipulate this circulation with the right methods, as nature guides people.

After answering the question of what is renewable energy, let's talk about what are renewable energy sources and how these resources are used.

What are Renewable Energy Sources?

We can call the resources used in the production of other energy resources without being depleted, renewable energy resources. Renewable energy sources are provided from natural resources and are sustainable energies.

While fossil energy sources such as coal, oil and natural gas run out over time, renewable energy sources are constantly renewed and never run out.

Renewable energy sources are grouped under 8 main headings. These titles can be listed as follows.

  • Wind power
  • solar energy
  • hydraulic energy
  • Geothermal energy
  • Biomass energy
  • tidal energy
  • wave energy
  • hydrogen energy

Why Is It So Important?

In fact, throughout history to understand the importance of the concept of renewable energy. The chaos in the Middle East and the thousands of people who died It's enough for us to think about it. oil and gas reserves Great players, so to speak, who want to seize their hands, have resorted to every means to acquire this power of energy. However, when the fact that the oil will run out began to be brought to our face, the interest in alternative methods increased.

As such, the energy hunters of the period saw that the foundations of the future were built on energy and directed all their work to this path.

renewable energy

In terms of energy production, planning is made on the basis of the production cost rather than the adequacy of the source. In the cost calculations, it can be observed that the power obtained from the energy resources presented to humanity as a gift of nature minimizes this production cost. According to the optimization laws, which are the primary subject of industrial engineering, the benefit from this type of energy is at the maximum level.

In addition, since it works with a source that does not run out, as in other energy production methods. Creating a continuous mechanism provides a great advantage for both the producer and the consumer.

Renewable energy sources Due to the positive factors it provides in economic terms and the opportunity to use it indefinitely, it acts as a savior of humanity for the rest of the times we will live on earth.

Detailed Overview of Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable energy sources such as solar energy, wind energy, hydraulic/hydroelectric energy, geothermal energy, biomass energy including biofuel energy, hydrogen energy, wave energy and tidal energy and their working principles

Solar energy

Solar energy, It is one of the leading types of energy among renewable energy sources. 90% of the sun's mass, which is a vital resource for all living things on earth, consists of protons. Researchers claim that it will take 5 billion years to consume hydrogen fuel in the sun. For this reason, the sun is an inexhaustible energy source for humanity and can be used for generations.

The sun, which is described as a pure energy source; It does not contain harmful substances such as gas, smoke, sulfur.

Solar energy is a type of energy that can be preferred by all countries of the world. This feature allows countries not to be dependent on foreign sources and to contribute to the country's economy by meeting their own energy needs. Solar energy is not dependent on any transportation system like oil. Thus, it can provide energy in the region where it is established without any additional external contribution. Compared to other energy installation systems, this energy type, which does not require high technology, can be easily installed and converted into heat and electricity with the help of panels.

types of renewable energy

Wind power

Wind power, It is obtained by constructing turbines in high regions. The power of this energy system, which is obtained by converting the kinetic energy of the air into electrical energy, is directly proportional to the cube of its speed.

As the power of the wind becomes predictable with the development of technology, this renewable energy is used more and more effectively. To generate wind energy, micro, small, horizontal axis, vertical axis and oblique axis wind turbines are used.

The cost of wind energy, which reduces the external dependency of countries such as solar energy, is also very low.

Hydroelectric Energy

Hydroelectric Energy It takes its source from the rivers. The kinetic energy released by the flow of water during hydroelectric power generation is sent to the turbines through the built channels. If the hydroelectric power installation is done in high-water settlements with high water flow, its efficiency will be quite high.

Since the hydroelectric energy source can be activated and deactivated whenever desired, it provides ease of use and safety. It is preferred for irrigation as well as energy production.

Geothermal energy

geothermal energy source is groundwater. In this system, energy is obtained from underground water or its steam. This energy, which is also used for spa purposes, can use the resources in the regions where it is established either directly or indirectly. It is the main clean energy source used in our country.

Biomass Energy

Biomass energy source is biological waste. It is generally obtained by burning plant and animal remains. Biomass energy can be used and stored anywhere. It can be built in the requested size.

Hydrogen and Tidal Energy

Hydrogen energy obtained by processing hydrogen gas by taking water and hydroxides as a source, and wave and tidal energy produced by the pressure created by waves by taking the ocean and seas as source are other alternative energy production sources.

Renewable Energy Usage Areas

What are the renewable energy sources used in the world? Another question that needs to be answered after the question is where are the usage areas of these resources. Renewable energy sources are used in industrial facilities, in important areas such as transportation, lighting, electronic devices and heating.

Condition for the Consumer Society

Renewable energy is an indispensable part of the consumer society we live in. Because this consumption process of a society that consumes constantly but does more harm than good to the environment with what it produces will not be able to survive in such a trend and will disappear in the near future. That's why too The importance of renewable energy sources it is quite large. In addition, when the damage caused by non-renewable energies (coal, oil, etc.) to the environment is taken into account, it is very clear how beneficial renewable energy sources can be.

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