What is Vegan Leather?

what is vegan leather
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"VeganAlthough the word ” brings to mind the food and nutritional habits first, raw materials and products obtained through animal exploitation are used in almost every sector.

One of the main sectors that has been producing by exploiting animals for centuries is the textile sector. It is ethically and conscientiously offensive to use products made from animal skin, such as fur, leather, nubuck, and suede. Likewise, textile raw materials obtained from animals such as feathers, wool, silk, and angora are products that are not considered ethical and non-vegan, since they involve exploitation.

One of the most preferred materials in the production of accessories such as bags, wallets and shoes is animal skin. Imagine that you are wearing the skin of a cow on your arm, or that you are wearing the tail of a calf on your feet. In fact, all products made from animal skins are so uncomfortable, but the fact that they are presented to us in different ways, cleaned and processed, can make us forget that their raw material is animal skin. It will give great relief to your conscience not to turn a blind eye to this persecution and refuse to be a part of these wild consumer products.

Living in a modern and technologically developing period makes us very lucky to use alternative and innovative products, and even gives us the opportunity to be involved in the idea design and production processes of these products.

Currently, to prevent the use of substances obtained from animals in the textile sector and thus reduce carbon emissions Many innovative textile designs and alternative leather substitutes have been developed for

Vegan leather substitutes; We can examine it under 2 headings as natural and synthetic. In addition to toxic chemicals, many non-biodegradable materials such as plastic are used in vegan leather substitutes produced from synthetic and unnatural materials. Synthetic substitutes made from these materials, which do not have sustainable results, do not fully comply with the vegan philosophy.

Natural vegan leather substitutes are; They are environmentally friendly, biodegradable materials that do not use toxic chemicals during their production and aim to minimize carbon emissions. In this article, we will introduce you to natural vegan leather substitutes.

Vegan Leather Substitutes

Mushroom Skin

vegan leather wallet

How to make cork leather, one of the best leather substitutes? When the oak tree reaches 25 years of age, the cork bark layer is removed without damaging the tree. In this extracted structure, the root structure called mycelium is used, not the fungus itself. After these roots are sterilized, they are pressed onto a fabric to flatten and dried, and cork leather material is obtained.

Cork leather with its natural appearance; It is an environmentally friendly, wear-resistant and waterproof material. In addition, it is completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Stylish and nice looking from mushroom skin; various textile products such as wallets, bags, shoes, various accessory products such as toys, lamps etc. Production can be made in many areas.

Wood Leather

vegan leather belt

One of the newest innovative leather substitutes is wood leather. Walnut trees grown in large sustainable agricultural areas are mostly used as material.
Ecological fabrics and wood threads are combined. Materials are bonded with non-toxic adhesives that do not create toxic waste, and in the final stage, flexible and soft leather replacement is obtained by micro laser method. This textile material is produced thanks to its environmentally friendly production. karbon
contributes to reducing emissions.

Apple Skin

vegan leather bag vegan leather bag

Another innovative leather substitute is apple leather. Production journey of apple skin; consisting of the peel, stem and fibers of the apple

It starts with the supply and drying of the waste product.

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The dried product is mixed with polyurethane, which is more environmentally friendly than plastic, and recycled cotton and polyester fabric
laminated on it. Density and thickness are regulated according to the output product, and at the end of this process, breathable, long-lasting, biodegradable and free of toxic chemicals vegan apple skin arises. Apple leather has started to be used frequently in the production of many clothing accessories.

Cactus Skin

vegan leather shoesCactus skin is a leather substitute that does not contain plastic or polyurethane. During its production, completely organic cacti grown in the cactus production farm are used without the use of drugs. After the leaves are harvested for production, the cactus continues to grow unharmed. Because cacti are adapted to living in very dry conditions, very little water is required to produce them. This eco-friendly leather is completely biodegradable.
It is possible to see its substitution in the production of many accessories in the future.

As much fun as knowing about the production stages and ingredients of these nature, animal and human friendly products, discovering these products, albeit in limited numbers, in our country. By purchasing these products you have discovered, you will both stop being a part of the use of animal skins and support innovative new ideas.

Do not forget to expand this network by sharing the products you find with your environment. Love and kindness multiply when shared. Stay with love.

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