What is Waste Oil?

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Oils have a certain expiry date. Dirt and other chemicals mixed with metals in the process of use cause the oil to lose its natural state and become unusable. This definition what is waste oil can be given as an answer to the question. Today, the rapidly increasing population, the changing lifestyles and habits of people every day, and technological developments cause the destruction of the natural environment. This changing natural order also brings about waste generation. The majority of these wastes continue to exist for many years without mixing with nature due to their chemical structures. One of these wastes is oil.

Environmental Damages of Waste Oils

Since the density of oil is lower than that of water, oil rises to the surface of the water it is poured into. Oils poured into lakes and streams from businesses or for any reason accumulate on the surface of the water. This prevents the water from getting oxygen from the air and causes damage to the creatures living in the water. Not only businesses but also individuals harm the environment by pouring waste oil (mostly frying oil) from the tap in their homes. Because spilled oils primarily mix with the environment from the pipes and also cause clogging of the duct pipes. Throwing it in the trash instead of pouring it out of the faucet is also not a solution. Because the oils in the garbage always pose a fire risk. Oils mixed with the soil in any way reach the underground resources from the soil and cause their pollution, and it should not be forgotten that underground resources are our future water resources.

Recycling Is The Only Solution To Waste Oils

waste oils poses a great risk to our future. As organizations and individuals, we must seek a solution to this situation. The name of this solution is recycling. Instead of pouring waste oil from taps or throwing it in the trash, we can contribute to environmental cleanliness by taking it to waste oil collection areas in closed containers. Well, in these facilities What does waste oil turn into? The collected waste oils are converted into renewable fuels produced from animal and vegetable oils called biodiesel in recycling facilities.

We must be sensitive!

Increasing population production brings about waste generation, and too much production causes too much waste. The first thing to do is to raise awareness and information about waste oils becomes the owner. Then, it should work to find production methods that will generate minimum waste, and recycling activities should be increased for existing wastes. Individuals should contribute to the future by creating waste management plans for their own homes and industrial enterprises for their own organizations.

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