What is Zero Waste?

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Zero waste The question of what is it is one of the most discussed topics of recent times. Zero Waste as the meaning of the word; It covers the prevention of waste, the more effective and efficient use of resources, the prevention or minimization of waste generation by reviewing the causes of waste generation, and the recovery of waste by collecting it separately at the source in case of occurrence. waste management philosophy defined as a target.

What is the Purpose of the Zero Waste Approach?

Zero waste approach,

  • To maximize recycling,
  • Minimizing waste,
  • While aiming to reduce consumption,
  • It enables products to be reused, repaired or recycled to nature or to the market.

Why is Zero Waste Important?

  • It redesigns the existing one-way industrial system into a circular one – enabling the production of durable, reusable or easily recyclable products and packaging.
  • It provides job opportunities and employment in waste management and recycling processes.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced.
  • The manufacturer accepts the importance of responsibility.
  • Rather than managing waste, its formation is prevented.
  • The use of landfills is reduced.
  • The use of natural resources is reduced.
  • While environmental risks decrease, a cleaner and more livable planet remains for future generations.
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The use of resources without wasting increases efficiency. Although we have limited resources, the needs are also increasing. The importance of efficient use of natural resources to meet these needs is increasing.


In recent years, with this increasing importance, zero waste method is becoming widespread in the world individually and institutionally. With the use of the zero waste method, the first increase in productivity occurs. Thanks to this method, there will be a decrease in costs by reducing waste.

The most important goal will be to reduce environmental hazards with the use of this method. Institutions contribute to the realization of situations such as keeping the environment clean and protecting it and creating this awareness. Companies that have established their corporate philosophy on zero waste contribute to the country's economy by instilling this awareness in their employees.

Is Zero Waste Possible? 

It is not possible to live without waste, but the main purpose in the zero waste philosophy is to minimize the waste generation, rather than not to create any waste, and to evaluate the waste generated.

How to Apply Zero Waste at Home?

Is the rest of the broccoli you cooked last week still in the fridge? Are the spoiled fruits and vegetables left over from your kitchen shopping this week looking sadly at you every time you open the fridge? You are not alone. No matter how sensitive we are about not producing waste while cooking, we often fail to do this.

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Since the products in the market are packaged in certain portions, we may sometimes have to return home with more products than the food we will cook. We also try to strike a balance between the food being liked by the household and being healthy. At the end of this process, the journey of edible food, which begins in the soil and in the producer, ends in our trash.

David Evans He presents the results of his research, which focuses on the waste issue, which has become a common problem for many of us, to the reader through this book, which he blends with the theories of various anthropologists and sociologists. In addition, Evans explores the reasons why food is no longer food, making it 'ready to throw', and examines the possibility of making it edible again.

'Zero Waste: Consumption Culture and Food Waste' The book opens closed doors and reveals the route of food being surplus and waste with a critical view by intervening in people's homes and lives. If you also want to create less waste but don't know where and how to start, you should definitely read the book called Zero Waste Consumption Culture and Food Waste.

zero waste book


After answering the question of what is zero waste, let's give details about the zero waste project.

Zero Waste Project 

Whose Zero Waste Project? 

Zero Waste Project is a project initiated by his wife Emine Erdoğan with the support of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in Turkey. This project is a vision project. growing in importance Application for zero waste project Public and private institutions show great interest for

When did the Zero Waste Project Start?

Following the implementation of the Zero Waste Project at the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, it was also implemented in the Presidential Complex and was held on 26.09.2017. Zero Waste Project Introduction Meeting and studies for its implementation in all of Turkey have been started.

Areas where the Zero Waste Project will be implemented

  • Public institutions/organizations
  • Shopping malls
  • Hospitals
  • Educational institutions
  • Entertainment and recreation facilities
  • large workplaces
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The interest of this project is important for our country. 1500 applications were received from public and private institutions for the project in the first year. It is stated that this number will increase even more. In his statement, the Minister of Environment and Urbanization announced that the project will be implemented in 230 public institutions in Ankara, and it is planned to spread to the whole of Turkey in 2023.

What is Zero Waste Project Report?

Zero waste project report, zero waste project It is the document showing the related documents. First, information is given about what a zero waste project is, and then the process is explained. Zero waste The work carried out within the scope of the study is described. environment and urban ministry explains how the zero waste project will be implemented. The stages of the zero waste project implementation are detailed in this report.

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